Toshiba's Kerstin Woods explains how the need and practicality for cloud computing has evolved and why it's a critical component of today's enterprise.

Today’s new work environment calls for an updated way of working. One that allows your clients to seamlessly integrate their printers and documents with the cloud applications they’re already using, lets them manage their print environment from any location, and provides state-of-the-art technology that’s supported by an award-winning team of experts. Toshiba has a rich set of cloud-enabled solutions available today, which is why we’re bringing...

Cloud services are so pervasive these days that we use them without noticing. Streaming music, movies, or TV? You’re in the cloud. Backing up your photos on your phone? The cloud. Using online spreadsheets or word processing software? Cloud. Streaming video games? And so on.

Gone are the days of a large copy room with just one person in charge. Whether through school, work or the local print shop it’s likely just about everyone’s had the opportunity to push the green button that activates a multifunctional device to scan, print or copy.

A Carter & Sons is a Transport, Warehousing and Logistics service provider providing 3PL, warehousing and distribution. Starting out as a road freight operation, the family owned and operated business has grown significantly since its inception in 2001. This level of growth has brought changes in the way that Carters operates – not least in having to streamline and refine processes but, to ensure efficiency as it scaled too.

Toshiba understands that customers requiring ticketing and kiosk solutions have unique needs and requirements, often demanding tailored systems to meet the specific goals of the business. Toshiba has developed a versatile range of barcode and RFID printing solutions, suited to the most diverse of ticketing applictaions.

Toshiba label printers are counted on daily for retail transactions and deliveries all over the world. From receipts to tags, custom labels to barcodes shipping labels, Toshiba’s long-lasting print heads provide a low total cost of operation with minimal maintenance.

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