Toshiba Solutions at BlueStar

Toshiba Barcode Printers are the key to your next solution!

High Performance

Toshiba delivers barcode printers that perform at the top of their class.  Customers achieve fast throughput  of label printing in mission critical operations such as Cross Docking, Shipping and Receiving.   Productivity increase eliminates shipping delays, minimize down  time,  increase speed to replenish store shelves and increase inventory turns in the supply chain.   Toshiba’s printers offer the features and performance to meet the most demanding applications.


Business needs change all the time and Toshiba understands so they offer flexibility in many of their printers.  Toshiba barcode printers are offered with various interfaces with Ethernet and USB being standard on most.  In addition, many printers offer the both ZPL and other emulations and the ability to alter resolutions by only changing the print head.  There is no need to replace the entire printer when your business changes when you use Toshiba.

Ease of Use

Once installed, your customer can use and maintain the printer with ease.  Toshiba offers easy loading of ribbon and media as well as panel displays to help guide the user through the operation.   Consumables such as printhead, platen are typically user replaceable.  In addition, Toshiba works with award winning barcode printing software; including Seagull Scientific , Loftware and others.

Allison Becker

Allison Becker

Business Development Manager
Phone: 859-371-4423 Ext. 3313