24 Jan 2019


Toshiba understands that customers requiring ticketing and kiosk solutions have unique needs and requirements, often demanding tailored systems to meet the specific goals of the business. Toshiba has developed a versatile range of barcode and RFID printing solutions, suited to the most diverse of ticketing applictaions.

With compact and robust hardware, high performance output and the widest choice of customisable media options, Toshiba offers the latest technology to maximise return on investment.

Toshiba has a complete portfolio of products suitable for the most diverse and unique ticketing and Kiosk applications. Toshiba offers a 'one-stop' solution, including not only robust and reliable hardware, but also a range of media options and service from Toshiba's own in-house engineering team. Toshiba products have been designed to address the key issues of the Ticketing market place, with compact and robust printers, offering high speed performance and the ability to customise to the customers specific requirements.

Transport - Tickets & Cards:

tickets for buses and trains, airline boarding cards, with guaranteed high precision print quality and accuracy, essential for passenger safety.

Stadium Ticketing:

reliable solutions to maximise customer throughput in peak periods. Fully customisable and flexible to tailor to the venue's requirements.

Other Applications:

access control, car rental, queue busting, parking control, law enforcement.

The Toshiba Ticketing Range - Barcode Label and RFID Printers

All in One Units

All solutions offer a comprehensive and flexible range of media options and sizes. Compact solutions, with front-opening mechanisms, for space saving and environments with limited counter space. Powerful CPU's providing the highest data throughput to print each ticket in time.


For easy integration into any infrastructure, robust and reliable solutions. Rugged, yet incredibly small and light. Ideal for queue management, receipt printing, portable payment, delivery notes, invoices and tickets.

  • Flexible connectivity: USB, Bluetooth & Wireless LAN
  • Swaps easily into existing systems


Compact, fast and easy to use with professional results. Perfect, for printing seat numbered tickets or for variable data without complications.

  • Design & print straight from a PC
  • 200 or 300dpi print resolution models
  • Slots straight into existing systems


For demanding applications requiring high volume printing, the industrial range from Toshiba guarantees performance without compromising print quality. Essential for environments with very large customer throughput, in very short timescales. Developed to be future proofed, the potential to add an RFID module protects return on investment.

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