15 May 2018

BlueStar Offers Toshiba Barcode Printers With Flathead And Near Edge Printing

Location: United States

As a means of meeting the needs of many different needs, BlueStar provides both Flathead and Near Edge printing options from Toshiba.

While both styles offer excellent performance and quality, there are differences to consider.

Flat head printing is the most common style of printing for high speed applications like shipping labels. The ribbon passes over the print head that is mounted horizontally with the heating element in the center. As the ribbon passes the heating element, the ink is transferred to the media. These printers can use a wide range of ribbons.

Near Edge printers have the print head mounted at a 45 degree angle with the heating element located on the front edge. The ribbon only comes in contact with the print head as it passes the front edge; making ink transfer instant. These use unique ribbons but are ideal when balancing speed and print quality. These printers can handle the widest range of media types and adjusts to varying thickness levels. Furthermore, ribbon usage can be reduced through the use of the Ribbon Save option.

Toshiba and BlueStar can help determine which printer style is ideal based on the application. 

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