Mobility Products

BlueStar™ offers a wide range of Mobility focused products including:

  • Rugged Mobile Computers: These devices have been the cornerstone of Mobility opportunities allowing for WWAN connectivity, signature capture, GPS, photo capturing, and all the features a field service professional would need to complete their daily task as they interface with customers or perform tasks in the field and still be connected to corporate offices.
  • Portable Printers: Portable printers are an integral part of a Mobility solution when receipts, invoice, or invoice is required while the mobile worker is in the field.
  • Tablets: Tablets use has increase in the Mobility field offering a form factor that is conducive to electronic forms and viewing information in a user friendly format.
  • Wireless Routers: These routers offer any business or mobile worker to have wireless connectivity no matter where they may be offering WWAN connectivity to the Internet as well as WLAN and Ethernet connectivity to LANs.
  • Peripheral wraps for the BOYD opportunities: As consumer grade devices (Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc) are making their way into business applications and solutions, new opportunities arise to offer peripherals for these solutions.

MVP Vendors

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  • SATO