What is a Kiosk?

A small structure in a public area used for providing information or displaying advertisements, often incorporating an interactive display screen or screens. Kiosks are popular due to the number of advantages they provide. 

  • Advantages being: autonomous, “always on”, ability to provide consistent messaging, enables customers with better decision making criteria and customization of ordering
  • Consider the following when considering a kiosk solution for your customers. Be prepared to offer an analysis on ROI. Often times Kiosk purchases can be validated base on hard costs such as the dual role of passive communications and active order taking, lower labor costs, increased speed of ordering, improved customer experience. Our initial assessment form below is a good start to help you being to quantify the cost elements of a solution so you can guide your customers and build a proper business case. 

Why should BlueStar™ be your resource for Kiosks?

BlueStar has involved some of the top Kiosk manufacturers in the industry to provide you with the best solution. We understand the complexity of selling Kiosks and can provide the right tools to succeed. 

  • We have been involved in kiosk solutions for over a decade, understanding all the complexities of hardware, software and connectivity
  • We have a powerful mix of top kiosk partners who can assist in ANY kiosk scenario
  • We have all the right value adds such as custom configuration, key injection, 3PL and more to help you create and implement the right solution

Connect With An Expert:

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