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On any given day there are situations where customer demands, business results, and deadlines matter. While you may not always see Zebra solutions, they are on the front-line keeping store shelves stocked, delivering the right package, accelerating order fulfillment, or caring for patients. We provide better visibility into operations, connecting real-time data to fully optimize performance on the front lines, the bottom line and impacting the lives of millions of people every single day. Across the globe, where businesses and people find their edge, Zebra is there.

Recent News

Before Covid-19 hit the radar, retailers were keeping a close eye on a number of technologies that promised to provide more visibility into their operations and possibly change the way shoppers viewed their brands.

Warehouses have been evolving for years and this year has been no exception. While experts might have been able to predict some of the trends that would take place in 2020, what they couldn’t predict was just how fast those trends would accelerate and impact the industry as a result of COVID-19. From changes in shopping behavior to accelerated growth in ecommerce, warehouses everywhere have been struggling to keep up. These demands have forced...