The first tactic to consider is space. How do you use space effectively considering the retailer and the kiosk? "Retail is size-centric. Each square foot is accounted for, and there is a charge associated with each square foot of floor space and shelf space. Kiosks that are built without this mindset are prone to be space hogs," said Ben Wheeler, director of marketing for kiosk manufacturer RedyRef Interactive Kiosks.


The Hospitality industry has moved towards a self-service kiosk system which as a result saves millions in operational costs. 

Here’s a list with more specific "Top Uses for Hospitality Kiosks." Keep in mind that kiosks can handle any number of applications, and users may be able to perform many of the following functions on a single unit.

Self-Serve Concierge
Companies such as Phoenix Kiosk have designed its own Virtual Receptionist software that can be used in any industry. Software can be customized to meet the additional needs of any hospitality business. These might include directory/wayfinding capabilities, ticket printing, phone connectivity (VoIP), etc.

Self-Serve Check-In/Check-Out
Guests appreciate the ability to quickly identify themselves, provide a form of payment (even if just for incidentals) and easily locate their room. Kiosks also provide another efficient way for guests to electronically check out of their rooms in a matter of seconds.

Internet/Business Services
A kiosk that is equipped with a printer, card reader and perhaps other peripherals, can essentially serve as its own business center. Guests can quickly access information, and print as necessary.

Boarding Pass Printing

Many guests scramble to print boarding passes for their air travel. Even if they wait until the last minute, this task can be performed easily at the time they check out.

Loyalty Programs
Kiosks are a perfect outlet for allowing guests to keep track of their loyalty programs. First-time guests can also sign up for programs, special coupons, e-newsletters, etc. This leads me to another great point – hospitality kiosks are excellent for branding and advertising. Kiosks can serve as 24/7 promotional tools.

Event Management/Scheduling
Meetings and conventions, receptions, and even city-wide events can be managed easily on a kiosk. Any type of information that needs to be relayed to guests can be provided.

Kiosks can be outfitted with high-quality label printers so arriving guests can easily register for an event and receive an attractive, printed name tag. This process can be handled with or without staff supervision.

Facility Directory
This simple function is worth focusing on because interactive kiosks are extremely valuable tools that provide abundant information in an inviting, compelling fashion. For example, when compared to a standard directory, just think how much more attractive a spa treatment or golf course can be displayed on an interactive, HD touch screen.


Kiosks for Patients, Doctors and Endless Healthcare Applications. Medical kiosks allow for delivery of quality care all while saving money, avoiding costly visits to the emergency rooms and urgent care. 

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