Work Hard - Play Hard

BlueStar’s™ culture is based on an entrepreneurial spirit. A passion and conviction to succeed and exceed our business partners’ expectations. We want employees work hard to challenge the status quo with a focus on improvement. We look to be optimistic about opportunities and take the calculated risks needed to succeed. BlueStar has a Work Hard, Play Hard Attitude – execute and have fun doing it.


Employee Events

Fall Festival: Every year we put on a Fall Festival for corporate employees to dance, eat, play games, ride horses and take a pumpkin or two home.

Sports Activities: BlueStar encourage competition amongst ourselves and others in the form of good sportsmanship. Every year we sponsor an form teams for activities like Tough Mudder, Basketball and Golf leagues to name just a few.

Holiday Celebrations: Every year around our global locations BlueStar celebrate Christmas and the Holiday season with unique company outings and events.

Employee Appreciation Days: Are we grateful for our employees, you bet! Which is why we have various Employee Appreciation days throughout the year featuring Cook Outs, Jersey days, March Madness, Reds Season opening and much more.

BlueStar's Core Values

Customer Centric – We are responsive to our customers’ needs, offering extraordinary support; value added services and innovative solutions focused on partner growth

Integrity – We strive in being ethically unyielding and honest; we say what we mean, match our behaviors to our words and take personal responsibility for our actions.

Teamwork – We work together effectively to achieve our goals, while encouraging individual contribution and responsibility.

Knowledge – We enable partner growth by leveraging our global insights, transferring critical business intelligence on industry, product and customer service.

Desire To Win – We exhibit a strong will to win in every aspect of our business. We make decisions based on purpose, knowledge and propensity to achieve. We believe success is directly attributed to putting forth extraordinary effort – we do not wait!

Missie Bolen

Human Resources Director
Phone: 859-371-4423 Ext. 3270