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Mobility at BlueStar™

Mobility can be a broad term and mean different things to different organizations. It refers to a person who works in the field, outside the four walls. These field workers are the face of their organizations, and their professionalism impacts the customer’s perception of the company. BlueStar knows the best approach is through offering and enabling solutions that target the verticals and applications for the mobile worker. We feel that Mobility Solutions consists of three major components:


BlueStar partners with Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to provide mobility software applications for the verticals markets. Many of these solutions are displayed on the Mobility Solutions page and our In a Box Solutions page.


BlueStar has a diverse offering of products that are used when implementing Mobility Solutions. These offerings include mobile computers, tablets, wireless routers, mobile printers and more. As consumer grade devices (Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc) are making their way into business applications and solutions, new opportunities arise to offer peripherals for these solutions.

Wireless Connectivity:

To complete your Mobility Solutions BlueStar has established relationships with the major wireless carriers and offer activation services. By offering these services to your customers is an excellent way to provide the complete solution as well as earn additional revenue.

MVP Vendors

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