What Can You See?

What can you see? Across industries Zebra's scanners see more, powering businesses to see more. From warehouses to stores and in hospitals, Zebra scanners can read more challenging barcodes with productivity enhancements and added manageability ease, creating efficiencies, ensuring customer satisfaction and increasing patient safety. This campaign includes marketing and sales enablement that will help you see Zebra barcode scanners in a whole new light.

Zebra’s “What Can You See” Campaign:
Easy-to-read barcodes are in reality a rarity, which is why your customers need a barcode scanner that can read even the most challenging barcodes—torn, high density, curved, poorly printed and more. Beyond the errors saved by preventing frustrated workers from seeking manual workarounds, Zebra scanners have added productivity and manageability features that make our scanners more than just scanners.

This campaign examines the impact Zebra scanners have, and the use cases of some of the most powerful DataCapture DNA features within environments from warehouses to retail and hospitals. Discover the outcomes that will change your outlook on scanning, and will change the outlook of your customers, with this compelling campaign—complete with innovative and easy-to-use sales enablement tools and marketing assets.

Turn a bland customer conversation about barcode scanners into an engaging sales pitch. This campaign offers a Digimarc hero demo, along with a series of 1,2,3 easy demos focused on the Zebra competitive differentiators that you can tailor to your customer's specific environment and pain points, and with the demo equipment you have on hand.

Capture & Captivate: Zebra Scanner Demo How-to Resources

Capture & Captivate: Zebra Scanner Demo How-to Resources

Many Zebra scanners can be used to demo each feature, so you can use the demo equipment you have on hand. Each 4-step demo how-to is paired with a quick instructional video for added support.

Digimarc Hero Demo & Leave Behind Flyer

Digimarc Hero Demo & Leave Behind Flyer

Digimarc is an emerging symbology where the barcode is embedded into the packaging—and therefore nearly invisible. This demo has a "cool-factor" that will illustrate the innovation behind a seemingly straightforward device—and it also serves as a marketing leave behind flyer to promote the What Can You See campaign. The flyer, with the encoded Digimarc barcodes, can be printed on-demand on a regular color printer.

Want to learn more? Then take a journey through various industries and multiple vertical applications to experience how Zebra scanners enhance our daily lives. Visit our Interactive Landing Page today!

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