When it comes to selling cannabis, one thing is sure: dispensaries need cannabis POS hardware that’s dependable but also reflects their sleek and sophisticated brand image. That’s where Star Micronics comes in. Star offers a complete portfolio of dispensary POS system hardware, including:

  • Receipt printers that issue proof of legal purchase
  • Secure, durable cash drawers for a cash-only industry
  • NTEP-certified Class II and Class III precision scales necessary for legal trade

Behind every great piece of hardware is equally high-quality software. Star Micronics dispensary POS system hardware is integrated with the industry’s leading cannabis POS software providers, delivering unbeatable features and reliable compliance.

With Star Micronics cannabis POS and dispensary management solutions, you can prevent sales from exceeding state regulations, validate customers, and provide compliant receipts, state reports, audits, etc. It’s never been easier to get – and stay – compliant.

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mG-S322 Scale  Scanners mC-Print3 Printer CD4 Cash Drawer EZ3 Tablet and Stand



Star Micronics presents its line of point-of-sale (POS) scales, the mG-T Series. Star, an industry leader in POS and online ordering solutions, has expanded its offerings to include these versatile, easily-to-integrate scales.

  • Produce
  • Deli products
  • Butcher shops
  • Salad bars
  • Bulk items such as grains, nuts, dried fruit, candy, coffee or tea, etc.
  • Ice cream & frozen yogurt shops
  • Wash-and-fold laundry services
  • Farmer’s markets
  • And more!

Complimented by our scanner, mCPrint 3 printer and cash drawer, Star offers you a complete POS system for your deli or grocery store!

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mG-T30 Scale Scanners mC-Print3 Printer CD3 Cash Drawer

Labeling & Ticketing

Labeling & Ticketing

Shipping Label Printers, Food Service Label Printers, and Warehouse Label Printers DESIGNED WITH YOUR BUSINESS IN MIND

From printing product labels in a warehouse to quickly attaching linerless labels to coffee cups in a café, Star Micronics understands labeling solutions aren’t “one size fits all.” Designed with the application and user in mind, Star Micronics offers label printers with the technology needed for today’s fast-moving, digital world, and label paper for virtually any business scenario. Full solution includes Star’s line of Scanners.

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Scanners TSP654IISK Printer SM-T300 Portable Printer

Pharmacy and Prescription Printers

Pharmacy and Prescription Printers

Star Micronics is proud to offer secure and reliable prescription and pharmacy printer solutions which are:

  • Compliant: Our TSP847IIRx prescription printer includes tamper-resistant features for printing e-prescriptions and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) prescriptions. Additionally, the printer is compliant with Federal Medicaid Regulations of tamper-proof prescriptions and certified for prescription printing in many states.
  • Secure: The Star Micronics prescription printer features a locking paper chamber, a lock slot for a cable harness, and a disabled paper feed button to provide ultimate printing security.
  • Designed for Success: Compatible with specialized state-specific secure thermal prescription paper, the Star Micronics prescription printer utilizes Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. Its direct thermal printing technology also eliminates the need for ink cartridges, toner, and developer.

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mG-S322 Scale  Scanners TSP800RX Printer

Mobile POS Station

Mobile POS Station

Modern business doesn’t take place in one location and in one way, it happens in many places and formats: At the point of sale with a mobile device, curbside at a retail store, tableside at a restaurant, and more.

Mobile POS hardware and technology, when used together, creates flexible and efficient payment, coupon, and rewards systems that provide both merchants and consumers with numerous advantages when used alone or in conjunction with traditional, stationary, retail POS systems. Besides being an essential part of POS systems deployed in hospitality and retail environments, compact and portable mobile POS printers also bring mobile transactions to “on the road” workflows, such as route sales transactions, independent contractors, utility billing, and more.

Star Micronics understands that mobility is here to stay and proudly offers a robust range of hardware and technology solutions designed for mobile POS, including:

  • Mobile Printers: Star Micronics provides a full range of mPOS receipt and label printers that are available with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The mobile printers feature compact and lightweight profiles, rugged designs, an array of accessories like belt clips and shoulder straps, and more.
  • Desktop Printers Designed for mPOS and Web-Based Applications: In addition to mobile printers, Star Micronics also offers a variety of desktop receipt, label, and kitchen ticket printers that are designed to be used with mPOS and web-based applications.
  • Mobile Technology: Backed by industry-leading technology, Star Micronics’ mobile printing technology includes SDKs, web-based software, interfaces, and drivers designed to integrate into any mPOS system quickly and easily.

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mPOP EZ3 Tablet and Stand

Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Retail Mobility


Retail Point of Sale Hardware


Simplify and modernize your retail business with Star Micronics! From hardware to software, by providing end-to-end retail POS solutions that are compatible with today’s top applications, Star has what it takes to make retailers stand out – today and in the future.

Star Micronics’s retail POS hardware and systems solutions include:

  • Receipt, label, & ticket printers
  • Tablet display stands & mounts
  • Portable printers for mobile sales
  • NTEP & Measurement Canada-certified scales
  • Check readers and endorsers
  • Self-service kiosk printers
  • Cloud-based marketing services
  • And much more!

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Scanners TSP143IV Printer mEnclosure EZPOS CD4 Cash Drawer

Self Service

Self-Service Solutions for Every Industry


Star Micronics offers many self-service solutions to help your business keep up with market demand. From high-performance thermal kiosk printers to all-steel tablet stands that keep your valuables protected and accessible, Star has much to offer in this rapidly growing space.

Star Micronics self-service POS hardware and systems solutions include:

  • Various high-performance self-service kiosk printers
  • Able to print using thermal receipt paper, tickets, or labels
  • Kiosk printers with widths of 2″, 3″, and 4″
  • NTEP and Measurement Canada-certified scales
  • Self-service tablet display kiosk stands and mounts
  • Star’s premium Blue Core receipt and label paper
  • 2D precision desktop barcode scanners
  • And much more!


Point of Sale Systems for Restaurants and Bars


People love to dine out, and that’s not changing anytime soon. Keep diners coming back for more with Star Micronics’ point-of-sale systems for restaurants and bars!

Star Micronics offers point-of-sale hardware solutions for every corner of the restaurant, bar, and brewery industries. From POS kitchen printers to extra-secure cash drawers, our front-of-house and back-of-house offerings include:


  • POS solutions
  • Online ordering
  • Tableside payments
  • Reservation management
  • Self-service & self-order tablet stands
  • Pay by weight
  • Back-of-house technologies (Kitchen Printing)
  • Cash management
  • Tablet display mounts for online ordering
  • And more!

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TSP654IISK Printer Max Cash Drawer SP700 Printer

Dry Cleaner

Dry Cleaning Tag Printers, Receipt Printers, and More

In the competitive dry cleaning market, it’s critical to stand out, and the right dry cleaning POS system can help you do just that. Star Micronics offers a broad selection of high-quality dry cleaning tag printers, receipt and barcode printers, and more that are designed to benefit your dry cleaning business.

Star Micronics’ dry cleaning printing features include:

  • Indelible ink support: Star Micronics dry cleaning tag printers support indelible ink to protect printed information through the cleaning cycles.
  • High reliability: Keep your dry cleaning business running day and night with highly reliable dry cleaning POS system printers.
  • Value-added marketing: Take your dry cleaning marketing to the next level with value-added receipt marketing, allowing you to print custom promotions on the bottom of receipts for free.
  • Easy refills: To save you valuable time, Star Micronics printers feature simple “Drop-In & Print” paper loading.
  • Software integrations: With integrations with the popular dry cleaning POS software applications, you can rest assured that your dry cleaning tag and receipt printers will work with your preferred software.

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