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Join a community of competent, capable and committed channel partners differentiated by outstanding expertise in label management solutions.

Use NiceLabel software to unlock opportunities for selling more printers, mobile computers, supplies and services.

What does Loftware have to offer to VARs?


  1. Portfolio of solutions that meets the needs of all sizes of companies.
  2. Support and service teams that are double the size of our nearest competitor.
  3. Labeling software that is most innovative and advanced
  4.  New opportunities to sell more printers and supplies: with Loftware you refresh and add to existing printer installations.
  5. Differentiate and add value: because existing printer users buy Loftware to simplify and streamline the way they are printing throughout the supply chain.

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Key advantages of being a Loftware Partner

Partner with technology leader

icon_circle_ok Offer complete print productivity solutions for the widest range of print technologies

icon_circle_ok Support your customers with comprehensive solutions - through label design to management to deployment and printing

icon_circle_ok Deploy our best-of-breed technology - reckoned by our customers to be the most modern all-in-one labeling platform on the market.

Create more value per project

Why lead with a designer, when you can offer an entire label management system?

icon_circle_ok Leading with a designer takes care of your customer's needs now, enabling them to design and print labels. But what about their quality assurance (QA)? What about managing label changes? What about compliance?

icon_circle_ok With Loftware Label Management System (LMS), you help your customers improve their efficiency and their time-to-market.

Offer value-adding services

icon_circle_ok Apply a service and solutions business model to labeling.

icon_circle_ok LMS-based Professional services include chargeable scoping, specification, and deployment.

icon_circle_ok Software maintenance agreements (SMA) give you the opportunity to double your solution revenue over the next five years.


icon_circle_ok Replace legacy solutions with a unified printing environment, centered on the Loftware Label Management System (LMS).

icon_circle_ok Lead with the unique and transformative message of the Label Management System (LMS) on premise and in the Cloud.

Increase your share of the customer's wallet

icon_circle_ok Get visibility into your customers’ entire Auto ID wallet. Unlock customers’ investment as you provide new value.

icon_circle_ok Use standardization to drive upgrades and modernization of customers’ existing hardware.

icon_circle_ok As your customers build new business applications and processes around Loftware Label Management System (LMS), they need new mobile computers, tablets, touch screens, printers and print-and-apply systems.

icon_circle_ok Open the door to sell hardware and printing supplies to other divisions, locations, suppliers and subsidiaries.

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