Strengthen Your Applications, Extend Your Reach With Zebra

Together with Software Developers, Zebra is transforming the edge of the enterprise. By coupling Zebra’s market-leading products with your innovative software applications, they’re helping customers make business-critical decisions and perform their best.

Recognizing the important contributions and unique needs of software developers, the Zebra® PartnerConnect program includes the Independent Software Vendor Track, available to companies that develop applications that run on Zebra products. 

As a PartnerConnect ISV (Independent Software Vendor), you can take advantage of*:

  • Development support: Zebra will help you develop and deploy differentiated applications, streamline the application development process, speed development time and enhance application performance.
  • Go-to-market support: You have access to tools and resources designed to help you generate new leads, increase market penetration, discover new opportunities and prepare for market shifts.
  • Ecosystem collaboration: You can create relationships with Zebra PartnerConnect resellers and establish new routes to market.

*Select Eligibility Requirements Apply

Targeted Benefits Drive ISV Success

Zebra PartnerConnect includes a host of benefits designed for software developers, including:

  • Influence registration: Providing financial rewards, free demo kits and more for registering sales opportunities in which you play an influencing role
  • Development consulting: Resolving issues that arise during new application development, application migration or implementation
  • Technical support: Facilitating application development and the resolution of customer technical issues
  • Increased visibility: Promoting your applications through Zebra’s database of partner applications searchable by customers, Zebra resellers and Zebra sales reps
  • Application testing: Building market credibility through Compatible and Validated testing of your applications
  • Discounted demo equipment: Lowering your costs for solution development, testing and demos
  • Access to pre-launch products: Speeding time to market for applications for new Zebra products

Influence Registration

Influence Registration

As a member of the PartnerConnect ISV Track, your company should register all sales opportunities in which you play a role as an influencer. By registering opportunities, you will: 

  • Tap into the financial rewards and free demo/development kits available to you through the Influence Registration Program (learn more below)
  • Record your company's influence revenue achievements, positioning you to meet the Minimum Annual Pipeline Influence Revenue Threshold for the ISV Partner or Premier ISV Partner tier within the PartnerConnect program
  • Enable engagement with Zebra's sales team, and increase awareness and visibility for your company within Zebra

The Influence Registration Program recognizes your contribution to the sales process, whether the opportunities are transacted directly by Zebra or through a Zebra PartnerConnect reseller. This is a discretionary benefit, and each opportunity you register will be either approved or denied by Zebra on a case-by-case basis. Zebra rewards you for your influence through:

Free Demo Kits
Access to these free demo/development kits helps you keep your equipment costs low and gives your team members access to the equipment they need to do their job.

Financial Rewards
You can earn a financial reward per opportunity, depending on the type and size of the opportunity. The opportunity that you register must be approved by Zebra. Your reward is determined by the Zebra hardware and software product sales opportunity value at the time of deal closure based on a set of fixed amounts.

Drive Success as a Zebra ISV

Drive Success as a Zebra ISV

Explore the steps below for a more successful PartnerConnect relationship. When you take advantage of everything PartnerConnect has to offer your business, you can improve your applications, expand your marketing capabilities and generate more leads.

Key actions in the first 30 days of your PartnerConnect relationship:

  • Register projects where you play an influencer role
  • List your applications in Zebra’s online application directory
  • Pursue application testing
  • Explore developer resources
  • Discover PartnerConnect requirements & benefits
  • Review PartnerConnect policies

Leverage key resources to help you bring your applications to market:

  • Leverage marketing funds
  • Submit a case study
  • Investigate Early Adopter Program opportunities
  • Build capabilities with special developer events

Build your relationship with Zebra—and build your business—with these activities:

  • Make sure your application directory listings are effective
  • Collaborate with resellers
  • Keep new developers informed

Tips & Resources by Role: ISVs

Tips & Resources by Role: ISVs

We want to make every aspect of your company's relationship with Zebra as successful as possible! Find your role below to learn about the Zebra resources, benefits and tools that are most relevant to you.


  • Get to know your PartnerConnect benefits
  • Earn rewards with influence registration
  • Make the most of PartnerConnect and improve business planning
  • Prepare for your Annual Compliance Review
  • Expand your relationship with Zebra


  • Understand your role as Partner Administrator
  • Discover the Partner Administration Tool
  • Adding your applications to our online directory
  • Facilitate influence registration
  • Update company contacts


  • Explore our marketing tools
  • Promote your Zebra relationship with a channel partner identifier
  • Improve marketing and business development with MDF*
  • Boost application visibility
  • Build early marketing momentum
  • Showcase success with a case study


  • Explore our sales tools
  • Earn rewards for your influence on customer hardware purchases
  • Set the stage for sales collaboration with Zebra
  • Enhance demos with discounted equipment


  • Explore our developer tools
  • Align your application launch with Zebra product launch
  • Take advantage of Zebra application testing
  • Attend developer-focused events
  • Leverage Zebra support resources

*Select Eligibility Requirements Apply

Technical/Developer Support for ISVs

Technical/Developer Support for ISVs

Zebra provides expert technical support to PartnerConnect ISVs. The process for obtaining technical support will depend on your location, and the support you receive may differ based on your partner level and the nature of your support need.

Technical support is provided to ISVs to facilitate both application development related to Zebra devices and the resolution of customer technical issues related to your application with Zebra devices. (Please note: If you contact support on behalf of a customer, Zebra recommends you provide your PartnerConnect membership number instead of the customer's Customer/Site ID/Device Serial #.)

Also, please note that multi-lingual support is provided during normal regional business hours only. After-hours technical support is provided in English only. Each region observes various local regional holidays, and days are subject to change from year to year.

As a first step, try searching Zebra’s online developer community portal. You may find your question already answered, or you can post a new topic for the community to respond.

For the most current in-country technical support phone numbers, please visit the Contact Tech Support page on Please note that you will be asked for your Customer ID or Site ID. Please supply your PartnerConnect membership number. If you don't know the number, you can contact the Partner Interaction Center (PIC). 

Software downloads for all Zebra products are available in the Support and Downloads section on Log in using the same username and password you use to access Partner Gateway.

Non-restricted software is available for immediate download from the Support and Downloads section. Manuals and other documentation are also available.

Requirements and Benefits

The Partner Gateway features additional information on many PartnerConnect requirements and benefits.  (Note: Always consult your Program Guide for the current, complete list of the requirements and benefits for your PartnerConnect track.)


  • Free Demo/Development Kits
  • Influence Registration Program Eligibility
  • Marketing Fund Eligibility
  • ISV Partner Newsletter
  • Channel Partner Portal: Partner Gateway
  • Event Invitation Eligibility
  • Partnership Builder
  • Partner Interaction Center (PIC) Support
  • Application Listing in Partner and Application Locator Directory
  • Case Study Development Eligibility
  • Demo Equipment Purchase Program Discounts
  • Early Adopter Program Eligibility
  • Channel Partner Identifier / Certificate
  • Customizable Marketing Assets
  • Media Library
  • Pre-Packaged Marketing Programs
  • Zebra Developer Community Portal
  • Development Support Case Escalation
  • Application Testing Services Eligibility
  • Developer Event Invitations
  • …And More!
BlueStar understands the ever-growing importance of software companies in our channel. For that reason, we have created TEConnect-- BlueStar’s Software Technology Program. This program is designed to foster the channel’s ecosystem and add structure to how BlueStar engages and works with software partners. Created to meet the needs of channel software development partners, we've established four different levels of engagement . We ask that participating companies have an up-to-date partner profile in our TEConnect database, purchase a majority of their hardware from BlueStar, and are in good financial standing.
BlueStar is a pioneer of solutions-based distribution within our areas of expertise and specialty. Through our early experiences in hardware distribution, we quickly recognized that software and services were often the driving factors in a new technology sale. Additionally, BlueStar has had numerous resellers consult with us to seek advice and direction as to where they could obtain “solutions” to meet their end-user needs. Our breadth of market exposure and vendor relations, as well as our wide-reaching customer base, has allowed us to be a conduit of industry intelligence. As a result, BlueStar acts as a connector and enabler to help our customers find solutions that can assist them in growing their businesses.
BlueStar sells to more than 17,000 resellers worldwide and has an ever-growing marketing reach to nearly 50,000 customers and prospects.

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Zebra’s Partner Interaction Center can help with questions about the PartnerConnect Program.

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Technology companies and developers looking to expand their relationships with manufacturers and other resellers can integrate into the channel through TEConnect.