Janam Technologies, a leading provider of rugged mobile computers and contactless access solutions, today introduced its next-generation XM series rugged mobile computer for input-intensive applications. Leveraging the same purpose-built and proven design as Janam’s XM75 key-based mobile computer, the new XM75+ delivers more power, performance and competitive advantage to warehouses, distribution and fulfillment centers and virtually any...

An inventory count of almost 20,000 trees, bushes and shrubs now takes less staff and half the time to complete. It used to take 8-10 employees almost a month, so that’s a very real, tangible savings in productivity

Brett Hartman

Business Development Manager
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As organizations in the enterprise look to improve return on investment, selecting a device with the right features and the right price is more important than ever. XT3 is the next evolution of Janam’s best-selling rugged touch computer.

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