9 Jan 2024

Honeywell Announces the Retirement of the Xenon XP Scanner Family

Honeywell is announcing the retirement of the Xenon XP 1950g/h and 1952g/h premium handheld scanner. After a long service life, Xenon XP will end production.

Reason for Retirement

The Xenon XP 1950g/h and 1952g/h has been a leader in bringing reliable scan accuracy for many years but modernizing the Xenon scan family with new features and technology is critical to its long-term success. Continuing with the strong legacy of barcode technology, Honeywell’s Xenon Ultra helps to ensure users are delivering fast, accurate and consistent scanning. Transitioning to the Xenon Ultra scanner adds significant functionality beyond capabilities of the Xenon XP product line. The Xenon Ultra offers a brand-new scan platform that increases scanning speed, aiming and overall product specifications (image sensor, field of view, object detection) with a modern industrial design and innovative line of accessories, expanding the range of customer applications that can be addressed.

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