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RPf Series Rugged Mobile Printers

Ultra-Rugged Portable Label/Receipt Printer

The RPf Series is a rugged and reliable direct thermal portable label printer that offers easy integrated device management, a high level of security throughout the entire printer lifespan, and upgrades that allow your printers to be updated with enhanced features in direct store delivery, field service, T&L, retail, and airline environments.

This portable printer provides big productivity gains and reduces errors by enabling workers to print labels at the location they need, so labels can be applied when and where they need to be applied. The RPf printer comes with powerful CPU and smart power management – allowing smooth, continuous operation so your workers can work efficiently with less media reloading, battery swaps, and downtime. The RPf Series printer prints 25.4mm (1 in) to 104.1 mm (4.1 in) labels/receipts and can accommodate a wide variety of media, including the heavy stock necessary for hang tags and specialty label needs. Plus, its fast and easy-loading design means fewer interruptions and increased productivity in your application, whether using one type of media or several. The RPf Series has the latest 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi capabilities for the best range and fast data communications on your WLAN. It also includes a Bluetooth 5.0 LE radio at no additional charge for when workers are outside of WLAN range or using the printer with a Bluetooth mobile computer.

RP2/RP4 Rugged Mobile Printers

RP Series Rugged Mobile Printers

RP Series mobile printers offer the most rugged and reliable performance for route accounting, direct store delivery, citation printing, car rental return receipts and field service workers. Frequent drops, vibration and exposure to dust and water are just a few examples of the regular abuse that mobile printers endure. The RP Series printers are designed to withstand these harsh conditions and give you years of reliable thermal receipt and label printing.

The RP Series mobile printers are built for the most rugged environments with a wide temperature spec and IP54 rating for dust and moisture ingress. They are optimized for all-day receipt printing at up to five inches per second and are designed for label printing as well. The RP Series comes in different print widths to match your particular application, and each version can print a range of print widths as well.

All versions come with a rechargeable battery that can be charged inside or outside the printer and was designed to last a full shift for most use cases. When a battery needs to be changed during a shift, it is hot-swappable. The printer can run for 20–120 seconds (depending on wireless communications) without a battery and not lose connectivity or need a restart, enhancing productivity. For applications where the printer is permanently mounted in a vehicle and to power, a battery eliminator option is available.

The printer also tracks its health and provides analytics related to the battery age, printhead condition and any unusual environmental conditions the printer has encountered. This allows you to manage your fleet of printers and ensure maximum uptime.

Rugged Mobile Label Printers


LNX3 3 Inch Rugged Mobile Printer

The LNX3 mobile label and receipt printer brings the power and reliability of Honeywell printers into a durable, lightweight, direct thermal printer meeting or exceeding industry printer specifications. This three-inch, feature-packed, highcapacity label and receipt printer gives the right technology for your business's rapidly changing work environments.

  • Certification to IP54, withstands tumbles up to 0.5 m (1.5 ft) and drops up to 1.8 m (5 ft) with protective case for maximum durability.
  • Powered by a 2800mAH hot-swap battery, easily swap the battery without losing connectivity or re-setting the printer.
  • MFi certified for iOS and Bluetooth, and NFC to conveniently connect to smart devices.
  • 2.4-inch LED color screen and single hand media loading door design simplifies setup and maintenance.
  • Comprehensive printer command language support, such as ZPL-II, ESC/P, CPCL, XSim, ESC/POS, and more for easier printing.
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Rugged, Reliable, WMS-Compatible.


The RL4e (4-inch/102mm) is a durable direct thermal printer with a rugged design and reliable performance that will continue to operate long after other printers have failed. 

Anybody who’s ever been in a warehouse knows that when shipments are processed more quickly and effectively, productivity is increased and errors are reduced. The RL4e improves efficiency and productivity by allowing workers to print and apply barcode labels directly at the point of application. Using an RL4e to print on-demand labels also eliminates the danger of mixing up batch-printed labels and saving thousands of dollars in potential shipping errors. The portable printer can even be mounted on fork trucks for added convenience and versatility. 

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