The world changes every day. With progress comes change in people’s needs and the ways businesses need to respond to meet them. Technology is at the center of many of these changes.
With solutions used in over a third of the world’s checkouts, airports and mail sorting offices, we’re in a unique position to deliver solutions that can make life easier and more efficient for people.
Whatever industry you operate in, we can help you make automation seamless.


Products Spot Light

The PowerScan™ 9600 Series features the benefits of Datalogic's class-leading handheld industrial scanners, adding modular connectivity, enhanced wireless operation, and diagnosis capabilities to ensure many years of productivity.

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The Skorpio X5 is the most advanced key-based mobile computer with the widest display on the market, powerfull platform, highest reliability, and it's Android™ Enterprise Recommended.


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The Memor 11 provides a versatile solution for today's mobile workforce. With an up-to-date operating system, enhanced processing and scanning capabilities, wireless charging and much more.


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Natalia López

EMEA Brand Manager
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