The AT20 Series of compact, lightweight scanners offers high-speed scanning, user-friendly operation and high durability, yet an affordable price. Advanced Scan PlusTM technology gives the AT20 Series twice the scanning speed of previous models, while the latest algorithms allow scanning of difficult-to-read barcodes. The scanners' shock-absorbing construction enables them to withstand rugged usage.


  • Advanced Scan PlusTM technology gives the AT20B twice the scanning speed of previous models, for increased operator efficiency
  • AT20/21Q scans 1-D and 2-D codes; AT20/21B scans 1-D codes
  • Trouble-free scanning of wide barcodes such as the ITF-14, GS1-128 (EAN-128) codes used for utility and medical bills, and Code 39 on EIAJ labels
  • Super-deep scanning field allows smooth close-up and distant operation, regardless of scanner position
  • Using the latest algorithms, the AT20 Series can scan poorly printed or otherwise difficult-to-read barcodes


  • Compact, lightweight design reduces operator fatigue
  • Comfortable, easy-to-grip handle
  • Easy-to-push trigger
  • LED guide-light improves ease of targeting, even when scanning multilevel or very small barcodes


  • Shock-absorbing construction that allows it to withstand being dropped onto a concrete floor 6 times from a height of 1.8 meters or 60 times from 1.5 meters.
  • IP42 dust- and water-resistant protection reduces risk of damage from environmental conditions
  • Connector-cable locking mechanism prevents damage to the connector or cable
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty on the scanners' housing


  • Auto-sense mode allows scanner to be placed on stand for hands-free operation
  • Data-verification feature allows verification to be done with a single scanner
  • Data-editing feature allow simple programming (ADF scripting) for data truncating, sorting and converting
  • Command-control feature enables scanner to be controlled by a PC, for fully automated operation


  • Simplifies implementation
  • Either upload all parameters at once in batch operation from a PC via COM port, or output batch-configuration barcode for scanning by multiple units


  • Desktop mount
  • Hands-free stand
  • RS-232C cable (power from AC adapter)
  • RS-232C cable (power from host unit)

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The GT-10 scanner range takes maximum advantage of its performance features: versatility, long life and user friendliness.


CCD (Charged Coupled Device) technology

  • No moving parts
  • Particularly robust

Excellent scanning performance

  • Long distance scanning in excess of 1 m thanks to CCD technology
  • Above-average reading speed of 2D codes (GT-10Q) and bar codes*
  • Easy recognition of even damaged 2D code labels (GT-10Q)
  • Scanning of broad bar codes
  • Aiming beam mode (GT-10Q)
  • 2D codes (laser beam)
  • Bar codes (laser beam)
  • Only reads the code envisaged by the beam
  • Simultaneous reading of different codes is possible - on demand up to four 2D codes can be read at once


  • Impact resistance
  • Increased protection due to new stronger casing and the use of rubber to improve impact protection (from max 2 m high)
  • Dust and splash proof to meet the IP54 standard
  • Water and dustproof even under rough working conditions


  • Wide range of functions
  • Bar code comparison: determines if a scanned bar code matches a master bar code stored in the GT-10
  • Programmable data formatting: Easy configuration of the output data for all existing host systems
  • Checks for wrong parts:
  • (1) A bar code is read from the shipping instructions and registered as the master code.
  • (2) A bar code from a product to be shipped is scanned and then com- pared with the master code so that it can be approved for shipping.
  • Auto-sensing function: The auto-sensing function automatically begins scanning when it detects a label
  • Remote ON/OFF function: Scanning can be switched on and off using commands from a host computer
  • Simple set-up with intuitive software
  • Installation software included in scope of delivery
  • Easy parameter setting from a PC with the set-up software
  • One-touch user function
  • Two scanning possibilities:
  • (1) using Magic Key (on top of scanner)
  • (2) using trigger (inside of grip)
  • Code differentiation: Once two different symbol records have been registered it is possible to switch from one to the other using the Magic Key - this prevents reading incorrect codes in multiple-read mode.
  • ON/OFF function: The scanner is in standby mode when the Magic Key is off.
  • Transfer of selected characters
  • The data to be transmitted (e.g. operation start codes) can be set beforehand when the Magic Key is on.
  • Retransmit scanned data
  • Scanned data can be retransmitted when the Magic Key is on without the bar code having to be scanned again.


  • Very practice-orientated
  • Marking function (GT-10Q): laser lighting of the scan area and its centre point
  • Vibrator function: completion of the scanning operation confirmed with vibration
  • Quick start programme: Printing and configuring bar codes with the aid of the special installation software - the GT-10 is ready immediately.
  • Adjustable buzzer volume: 3 levels of buzzer volume to suit the surrounding environment
  • Very bright, three-colour LED: easy to read scanning information


  • Unit charger (CH-GT-10N)
  • Connecting cable
  • AC/DC adapter (only with RS-232C version)
  • Stand: can be used as desktop or wall stand
  • Hands-free stand: variably adjustable
  • Hanging straps: The hanging straps keep the GT-10 a safe distance from forklift trucks, conveyor belts etc.
  • Stand for ceiling mounting
  • Hip case




The GT-15Q series belongs to the new generation of 2-D scanners. It offers outstanding High Resolution scanning performance, long service life, functionality, and user friendliness.


CCD technology (Charged Coupled Device)

  • No movable parts
  • Particularly robust

Excellent scanning performance

  • Designed to read codes which are printed directly onto material (direct marking)
  • Reliable recognition of codes which are difficult to read
  • Read functions for multiple codes (1D codes and 2D codes): precise read-out from a large number of codes, simultaneous reading of combined codes and simultaneous reading of stacked codes High-resolution scanning up to 95 mm




  • The robustness of the GT-15Q is the benchmark in its class: the device withstands being dropped from a height of 2 m



Dust and water resistant

  • The well-built housing prevents dust and water from penetrating into the device (according to IP54)


Range of functions

  • Various functions are already built-in, e.g. functions for data processing which can be set up to filter automatically the most important data. Or the function for checking particular data which matches a pre-defined master code
  • Defined functions can be selected quick and easy by using the Magic Key
  • The auto-sense function ensures that the read process starts automatically as soon as a label with a barcode is detected


Vibrator device

  • The completion of a scan process is signaled by the built-in vibrator device

Simple set-up

  • The device can be configured easily using the free software

High-speed scanning

  • The pre-installed area guide marker shows the read area by means of a laser. This permits targeted and high-speed read-out of the barcodes


  • Connection cable
  • Power supply (only for RS-232C model)
  • Holder: can be used both as a desktop- and wall-holder
  • Hands-free holder: can be adjusted flexibly
  • Hanging strap: the hanging strap keeps the GT-15Q at a safe distance from forklift trucks, conveyor belts, etc.
  • Holder for ceiling mounting
  • Hip bag




This RoHS Directive compatible model is versatile for every application of a compact & lightweight scanner.


  • Touch scanning for optimal readability
  • Wide reading window for scanning UCC/EAN-128 at ease
  • Thinner body, 18.5 % down by conventional unit
  • Ultra light, trimmed down by 15 % than conventional unit
  • Advanced CCD technology to deliver reliable scanning
  • A bright blue LED indicator to notify reading
  • Compact yet rugged body; best-in-class 1.5 m drop shock durability


  • Stand
  • S-30 Head holder
  • Operation guide
  • Instructions manual can be downloaded from our technical support site QBdirect.


  • Keyboard Interface Software (Software which converts the data from a scanner like input from a keyboard)
  • QRkbif (Free) Software which receives the information read by a scanner and converts the data as if it was input from a keyboard
  • Active USB-COMPort Driver (Free)

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