BHT 900

The BHT-900 offers outstanding performance at an affordable price and features a high maximum reading speed of 400 scans per second. Thanks to CCD technology, it can even read damaged or poor-quality barcodes. The device can run for an exceptionally 200 hours between charges and is extremely robust, being able to withstand 60 drops onto concrete from a height of 1.2 m (3.9 ft.) C-level programming capable, free application generator (Easy Pack) creates data collection programs.


CCD (Charged Coupled Device) Technology

  • Top-quality reading performance
  • High-speed scanning of up to 400 scans/second
  • Excellent reading ability, even with hard-to-read or damaged barcodes


  • Battery life of up to 200 hours between charges
  • Compatible with Sanyo eneloop® or any rechargeable AA batteries
  • Can be charged using a base station or USB cable

Large storage capacity

  • 16 MB (user area 8 MB)


Practical design

  • Slim and light, fits in a shirt pocket
  • Ergonomically shaped head for easy scanning
  • Three trigger keys enable scanning with thumb and index finger (BHT-904 model)


  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Batch communication (compatible with RS323C, USB)
  • USB direct connection compatible with USB-COM and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)


  • Stable BHT-OS operating system
  • No data loss if battery dies



  • Designed to provide reliability for many years
  • Rugged construction; only device in its class to withstand 60 drops onto concrete from a height of 1.2 meters
  • Dust- and waterproof to IP54 standard


  • Hand strap (included)
  • Communication cradles:
  • CU-901 (RS232C with charging function)
  • CU-921 (USB with charging function) USB cable, shoulder strap, soft case, neck strap, waist case


Out-of-the-box software

  • Ready to use instantly after turning on
  • No complicated settings are required, due to preinstalled basic operations software
  • Collects and immediately matches data

BHT-Basic 4.0 development tools

  • Development pack – application generator
  • Compiler
  • Transfer utility
  • Transfer utility DLL pack
  • Simulator library
  • Program converter

8C-language development tool (library)

  • Allows development with the most popular programming language (C)


Create data collection applications for BHT-900

  • Allows data collection as well as 1:1/1:n verification. Communication tool included.


  • Compatible with RS232C, USB, and LAN connection

Download DataSheet (PDF)



BHT 300

The BHT-300 Series scanners offer DENSO’s Advanced Scanning CCD technology, a robust, impact-resistant design and user-friendly features-for fast, reliable and easy operation, no matter what your level of scanning experience. They can perform touch reading as well as distance reading of up to 450 mm. Models are available to scan either 1-D or 2-D codes. A power-saving design enables longer operating time, for maximum scanning productivity.


[High-performance reading]

  • Scanning at distances up to 450 mm
  • Superior scanning of wider labels and poorly printed or damaged bar codes


[Largest screen in its class]

  • Choose between large, easy-to-read font size or display of up to 9 lines with 22 characters each (12-point font)
  • Alphanumeric characters, Kana and Kanji
  • Compatibility mode with an 8-character, 4-line display for applications from earlier models (BHT-7000/-5000/-8000)
  • Characters can be enlarged horizontally and vertically, or simultaneously horizontally and vertically.


[Built-in wireless communication interface for connection to an existing LAN]

  • The BHT-303BW/304QW models are compatible with the global standard IEEE802.11b, enabling wireless communication with up to 11 Mbit/s
  • Security standards WPA/ 802.1x, WPA/PSK
  • The BHT-303BB models are fitted with Bluetooth®, enabling wireless connection to portable printers


[Superior operating-environment features]

  • Industry-leading, impact-resistant design withstands being dropped 30 times onto concrete from a height of 1.5 m (4.9 ft.)
  • Water and dust-resistance meet IEC requirements of International Standards Protection Class IP54 (equivalent to JIS splash-proof)
  • Power-saving design and lithium-ion battery extends continuous operating time (up to 135 hours when reading two bar codes twice in 10 seconds and not using the wireless interface) - reducing costs by eliminating need for replacement batteries, as well as eliminating inconvenience of battery recharging Robust CCD (Charged Coupled Device) technology has no moving parts


[User-friendly design]

  • Angled scanner head and lightweight body improve user productivity - ideal for retail, logistics and warehousing applications

[Easy-to-use, highly durable keypad]

  • Magic keys can be assigned any functions you wish
  • Cursor key allows more convenient menu selection
  • Resin-coated keys enhance durability for retail, logistics and warehousing applications

[Development Pack]

The BHT-300 series supports BHT-BASIC 4.0, which is now equipped with easy-to-use functions, is compatible with earlier models and enables easy transfer of applications


Vibrator reliably informs user when reading process has been completed and if any errors have occurred - even in noisy working environments.

[Remote Wakeup Function]

Allows control from a PC as well as remote maintenance of master files, applications and operating systems


[BHT pack for creating applications]

  • High-performance development software for the entire process, from development to implementation
  • Easy installation and immediate implementation


  • Lithium-ion battery BT-20L
  • Hand trap


Communication units:

  • CU-301 (RS-232C)
  • CU-321 (USB)
  • CU-311 (LAN)

Battery charger for main power-supply battery (CH-351)

Soft case and belt case

Download DataSheet (PDF)



High performance for demanding applications and best read performance in mobile data capture.

The BHT-600 series was especially developed for the demanding applications in production, logistics and the retail trade. The read performance allows DENSO to set new standards for mobile data capture. The long-term operating period of 24 hours is also considered to be unmatched. With the BHT-600 series DENSO offers a powerful and versatile model range.

The BHT-600 series also supports DENSO OS. This operating system was developed by DENSO to satisfy the requirements of the auto-ID sector. Among other things this means high reliability, effective memory usage, low power consumption, reliable data and program storage, simple installation, support of HTML browsers, terminal emulation and downward compatibility with previous models.


Advanced laser scan system

  • Particularly robust
  • Optimized Scanning range: EAN code from 25 mm to 30 cm; logistics ITF barcodes up to 82 cm
  • Excellent recognition even when barcodes are difficult to read or damaged


Long service life

  • Shockproof (drop onto concrete from a height of 1.20 m)
  • Dust-and water-resistant according to the international standard IP54


Long-term operation

  • Can operate up to 24 hours
  • Can operate up to 8 hours with continuous wireless connection


Large LCD color display

  • High-resolution QVGA color display (approx. 7 cm)
  • Excellent display quality

Reliable operating system

  • DENSO OS, especially developed for the auto-ID sector
  • Stable, reliable, efficient, downward compatible with previous models


  • Lithium-ion battery BT-20LB
  • Hand strap


Communication units:

  • CU-601 (RS-232C)
  • CU-621 (USB)

Battery charger for the main power supply battery (CH-651)



BHT 800

The Advanced Scanning CCD technology of the BHT-800 Series allows high-speed reading of even poor-quality barcodes, at speeds of up to 400 scans per second. User-friendly features include a high-resolution QVGA LCD color display and easy-to-use, ergonomic grip. DENSO's robust, durable design makes this the only device in its class able to withstand being dropped onto concrete 60 times from a height of 1.2 m (3.9 ft.).


[CCD Technology]

  • High-speed Advanced Scanning (up to 400 scans per second)
  • Reliable reading of poor-quality barcodes
  • Ability to read different types of code, including G51
  • Touch and distance reading

[Large Memory]

  • 32 MB pre-installed memory
  • Facilitated processing; master file and image can be saved
  • 20 hours of continuous use with wireless connection


[Designed for ease of use]

  • Special software for easy installation, deployment and operation
  • Ergonomic design accommodates wide variety of users, reduces operator fatigue
  • Secure data saving, even when changing battery (Flash File System)

[BHT Software]

  • Software for using wireless BHT as a terminal in the on-line operating system
  • Browser software enables use of a wireless BHT as a Web client in Web-based business systems
  • Free software updates downloadable from

[Operating System Compatibility]

  • Development language BHT-BASIC 4.0
  • Compatibility mode for existing BHT models
  • QVGA screen is compatible with BHT-500 Series

[Larger Display]

  • Larger, 2.6-inch QVGA LCD color display
  • High legibility; flexible use of colors (can change background, etc.)
  • Variety of information, such as company logos, product images, etc., can be displayed, increasing operator efficiency
  • Scalable fonts allow highly flexible screen design
  • Grayscale display clearly renders complicated characters or characters with high stroke counts; at 24-dot resolution, 10 characters x 13 lines can be displayed)
  • Conventional QVGA LCD models and Web screens can be displayed without alteration

[Secure High-Speed Data Communications]

  • Supports latest security and high-speed communications over wireless LAN:
  • WEP Keys & SSIDs
  • WPA/WPA2 Security IEEE802.11b/g with transmission speeds of up to 54 Mbit/s



  • High-quality construction for reliability over many years
  • Only device in its class able to withstand being dropped onto concrete 60 times from a height of 1.2 m (3.9 ft.)
  • Dustproof and waterproof according to IP54 standard
  • Synthetic-resin-protected keys prevent wear and tear, maintain legibility

[Advanced Operation Features]

  • Audio speaker and vibrating function
  • Notifies operator of finished tasks and errors through sound and vibration
  • Supports WAV files, allowing user-defined sounds to be played


  • CU-811 for Ethernet communication and main-unit charging
  • CUC-821 for main-unit charging and USB communication
  • Instruction manual can be downloaded from our technical support site
  • CH-854 Four-slot main-unit charger C-851 main-unit charger

Download DataSheet (PDF)

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