11 Jun 2021

Now is the time to propose a BarTender version update!

For customers running older versions of BarTender (2016, 10.1 or older) that either never purchased Maintenance and Support or let it lapse beyond 24 months, we've created the 2021 Version Update promotion.

The 2021 Version Update promotion makes it easy for you to save them money and secure their future. Learn more about this promotion at https://portal.seagullscientific.com/

The 2021 Version Update promotion is easy to sell and for eligible customers easy to buy. By purchasing 2021 Version Update application and printer licenses, your customers:

  • Save up to 50% when they update to a newer version of BarTender
  • Avoid Maintenance and Support backpay penalties
  • Save on one or three years Maintenance and Support

Visit the https://portal.seagullscientific.com/ review the list of your customers’ licenses that qualify for the 2021 Version Update promotion and create quotes for them. Don’t forget to check for the following documents: