30 Oct 2020

    Introduction | EA630 Android 9 device

    Location: EU

    Introducing the highly anticipated EA630 Android 9 Enterprise Smartphone device with a large full-HD 6 inch display that offers 80% screen to body ratio.


    Specially designed for portability, the EA630 has a compact, durable sleek design that makes it an ideal tool to increase efficiency for applications in: retail, warehousing, T&L, hospitality, healthcare and field services. With lots of great features like Gorilla® Glass 6 touch display, SAR sensor, 1.2m drop spec, a removable 4000mAh battery (up to 16 hours working time), and many great accessories from gun grips to multi docking solutions.  This makes the EA630 the perfect feature rich device for powerful data collection.  

    For more information on the EA630: https://www.ute.com/eu/products/detail/EA630