Global Technology Systems, Inc. (“GTS”) is the trusted mobile power expert. We understand that your mobile device investments are only as good as the batteries that power them.

GTS designs and manufactures high-performance batteries, chargers, and power management technologies for leading mobile computers, barcode scanners, and portable printers from many different manufacturers.  Our powerful products provide extended run times and longer cycle life giving your customers greater productivity and a lower total cost of ownership.  Always in stock and ready to ship, our batteries carry an industry leading warranty and are priced to provide healthier margins for you.

GTS engineers solve today’s toughest mobile power challenges and develop innovative solutions including the ground-breaking mobile power management service, Test & Replace™.  At GTS, we don’t just meet OEM performance and quality standards – we exceed them.

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Genius Batteries™ are the most intelligent solution for simple and efficient battery management. Each Genius Battery contains a proprietary chip that monitors key battery characteristics and independently calculates its true state-of-health. As battery health declines the built-in LED indicator will inform the user allowing for fewer mid-shift failures and greater productivity. Genius Batteries tell you exactly when they need GTS can help cut your client’s mobility costs immediately! Bad batteries clog up mobile operations with excessive costs and, until now, it has been impossible to identify and remove bad batteries from your client’s facilities. The state-of-the-art GTS Tester and Mobile App allow your client’s staff, or GTS, to easily and efficiently identify, remove, and replace bad batteries right onsite. The cost savings will be replaced, not too soon and not too late.
View the Microsite dramatic, and GTS can prove it to your clients in just twenty minutes at one of their own facilities. Increase your client’s productivity while immediately cutting their labor, battery, and service agreement costs with GTS’ Test & Replace™ service. It’s free, it’s easy, and it has significant long-term advantages – contact GTS or your BlueStar representative today to get started.