1 abr 2019

Tosshiba Tec has RFID Barcode Label Printers.

As part of TOSHIBA TEC's continuing commitment to new technology available soon will be the ability to encode RFID chips using the B-SX series, B-EX series and B-SA4TM printers

To be able to meet the various standards and frequencies Toshiba TEC is offering the unique ability to use different readers and antenna on the same model. Initially two modules will be available but other read / writers can be integrated easily.

General specification of RFID kit

Supported RFID tag type

 North America / EuropeEurope
Frequency915MHz / 869.5MHz13.56MHz
ProtocolEPC Class0, Class1, GEN2,
ISO-18000-6B, U-CodeV1.19

C210, C220, C240,C270(I-Code),
C320 (ISO-18000-3), Tag-It,
Power1W / 0.5W


Option list

PrintersBandCountryModel name
 U.S.A, Canada, KoreaB-EX700-RFID-U2-US-R
(Implemented printer model available)

  *1 It requires specified RFID module saparately


Features for RFID

  • Head Up function (available on the B-EX4T1 if the ribbon save module is fitted)
    Reducing damage to the chips during printing

    Using Toshiba TEC's Ribbon save technology the print head can be raised to allow it to skip the RFID chip contained in the label. This unique function removes the possibility of impact or pressure damage to both the head and the chip. The end result of which is the continued long life of the printhead and fewer chip failures after printing.

  • Basic command interpreter

    This is Toshiba TEC's powerful user programmable interface. Using this it is possible to use other RFID R/W modules with the B-SX series printer to extend the frequencies and chips available. It also allows the possibility to uniquely tailor the programming of the chips to your exact requirements.

  • Compliance with TEC Printer Command Language (TPCL)

    The RFID function have been added to the existing TPCL control language making it easy for programmers on legacy systems to add this function to existing systems.

  • Windows driver

    The Printer driver will also support the RFID function allowing chips to be encoded from most Windows applications.

To find out how we can help you in your business RFID requirements, please contact us at email: bcs_webmaster@toshibatec.co.jp with your enquiries.