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Seiko Instruments (SII), the principle company in the Seiko Holdings Group, was founded in 1937 to manufacture watches, an extension of a family watch assembly and repair operation started in 1881. Over the years, SII has evolved into an engineering and manufacturing giant that has brought precision timekeeping into the electronic age.

Our innovation and company success comes from the commercialization of proprietary technologies the company originally pioneered for watch manufacturing. The company began to apply its expertise to the development of products in four core areas: Electronic components, consumer/business products, color graphic computer peripherals and factory automation systems.

Capitalizing on its industry leading,10 million+ annual shipments of printing mechanisms, Seiko continues with its innovation, quality and groundbreaking reputation. We have been accredited with originally designing the now, widely accepted ‘cube’ POS design printers. Recognizing the impact of customer communication and messaging, we are also the first to launch a color display digital signage and POS print solution, creating further value in marketing to targeted audiences, while conserving premium space and time.

In the fast-growing mobility arena, Seiko is emerging as a leader, offering faster prints combined with ruggedized capabilities and smaller form factors in our latest mobile print models. We are addressing the unique needs for vertical markets seeking durability, portability, and user interact-ability.

Seiko solutions can greatly enhance productivity and business outcomes in many key verticals including and not limited to hospitality, health and sciences, manufacturing and measurement, retail, public sector and first responders. Our approach to partnering is also unique where we work closely with our channel partners to offer outstanding commercial and technical value. We look forward to discussing your unique needs and how we can deliver valued solutions to meet your and your customers’ requirements.

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