JanamCare Service

Janam is committed to customer satisfaction and offers flexible, convenient service plans that are carefully structured to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

With JanamCare™ Premium Service Plans, you get:

  • Live toll-free telephone support
  • Easy access to expert technicians
  • Quick product replacement/exchanges
  • Rapid application reloading
  • Status tracking
  • Reliable turnaround time
  • Fixed repair costs with no surprises

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Brett Hartman

Business Development Manager
Phone: 800-354-9776 ext. 3429
Email: bhartman@bluestarinc.com

Product Spotlight

GT1 Self-Credentialing Kiosk

Whether attending an event, boarding an airplane, picking up a prescription, bringing a child to the emergency room, purchasing a bottle of wine, or going into the office, the speed of verifying credentials is directly related to the quality of the experience. Janam’s GT1 self-credentialing kiosk is an easy-to-use mobile wallet reader designed to help verify information from their patrons, customers, staff and guests.

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