Peripheral wraps for the BOYD opportunities

As consumer grade devices (Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc) are making their way into business applications and solutions, new opportunities arise to offer peripherals for these solutions.

These pheripheral wrap offerings have been segmented into the following categories.

Sleds : These are devices that are for Apple devices would slide into and could provide some or all of the following integrated features (printing, magnetic stripe reader (MSR), barcode scanning).

Mobile Payment Devices: These are devices that allow mobile payment processing with could include the following integrated features (magnetic stripe reader(MSR), barcode scanner, printer, bluetooth connectivity, near field RFID communications (NFC)).

Printers: These are printers that interface with Apple, Android and other consumer grade devices allowing solution to meet it's printing requirements. Some of these devices wouldinterface directly to these devices while others may require drivers or an Software Development Kit (SDK).

Magnetic Stripe Readers: MSRs will allow credit cards to be read and attached to Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. MSRs could include interface via Bluetooth, Handphone/Audio port, and Apple 30 pin connector. Payment Processing software would need to be included to complete the solution.

BlueTooth Scanners: These devices allow wireless scanning capability to Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices where integrated scanning is not offered. This list only includes those devices that specifically state they support Apple, Android and Blackberry devices. 

Cash Drawers: A list of cash drawers are not listed. Cash drawer interface is usually through a printer interface; therefore if a cash drawer will interface with a printer with Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry interface it should be right as part of a pheripheral wrap solution.


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