RT10 Rugged Tablet

RT10 Rugged Tablet

The Honeywell RT10A rugged tablet is designed for rapid user adoption, minimized TCO and optimized device management. Whether you’re a supervisor or a shop floor employee, a manager or a maintenance worker, the RT10A is ready to fit into your daily workflow. Keeping workers and managers connected and providing them with the data and functionality they need, when they need it, is crucial to every business. To enable this, you need mobile devices that not only fit your workflow, but also your workforce. If workers don’t use a device, the benefits of connectivity, data capture and productivity are never achieved. With its 10.1-inch bright, high-resolution, optically bonded display and a light yet durable form factor, the Honeywell RT10A rugged tablet is easy to use all day long, making it perfect for rapid user adoption. For data capture, the FlexRange dual-lens imager is capable of scans less than 0.1 m (5 in) all the way out to 10.7 m (35 ft), so users can easily capture barcodes from across the room without having to waste time getting close enough for a scan.

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Honeywell CT47 Handheld Computer

Based on the Mobility Edge Platform

The CT47 is released with the latest 5G and Wi-Fi 6E technology to stay connected in both indoor and outdoor environments. 5G offers the highest bandwidth and lowest latency available for transport and delivery workers, and also within a warehouse to always stay connected. Whether you are on a private 5G or CBRS network, or a Wi-Fi 6E environment, your workers can continue their workflows with the reliable uptime.

The CT47 is designed to endure the most challenging environments. Transport. Logistics and warehouses are as busy as ever and customers need to keep their operations and workflows up and running.

  • The Mobility Edge platform is a durable, stable and secure foundation for effective, long-lasting solutions, providing optimized performance and accelerated deployments in the field.
  • The ultra-rugged design on the CT47 makes it the optimal choice for the demanding environments for workers in Transport & Logistics and Warehouses, with one of the best in class drop and tumble ratings.
  • The CT47 comes with the latest 5G and Wi-Fi 6E technology to stay connected, including CBRS and private networks. 5G offers the highest bandwidth and lowest latency available, to provide a better experience on data intensive applications.
  • Quick and accurate data capture from 3 inches (8 centimeters) up to 80 feet (24 meters) with Honeywell’s innovative FlexRange XLR scan engine; supporting virtually every use case.
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RFID Series 70

CW45 Rugged Wearable Computer

The CW45 wearable computer is a rugged performance tool that improves productivity by ergonomically presenting the workflow information at the point of activity and integrating the tools needed to perform the job at hand.

Ultra-reliable performance, data connectivity, and communications for frontline mobile workers in warehouse/DC, retail, logistics, and manufacturing is always where it is needed, when it is needed. Designed from the ground up for comfort, ease of use, and reliability, the CW45 offers a low profile, large HD display, enterprise-level ruggedness, and comfortable, easy-to-wear accessories. The CW45 is designed for businesses that invest in sophisticated solutions and want a durable, stable, secure platform on which to implement them. Built on the newest generation of Honeywell's Mobility Edge™ platform, the CW45 delivers the lifecycle, security, and durability to optimize solution return on investment in the long term.

Dolphin CK65

Dolphin CK65

Extending the popular ergonomic design of the CK3X/R model, the Dolphin™ CK65 Mobile Computer takes the best and makes it even better, giving you the power to put accuracy and productivity in the hands of your workers with a mobile solution that offers easy deployment and fast return on investment. Built on the Mobility Edge™ platform, the Dolphin CK65 device offers an integrated, repeatable, and scalable approach based on a common hardware and software platform, unleashing customers from constraints faced today around integration and inflexible technologies without sacrificing enterprise security, reliability, performance, or management features. Juggling multiple devices across the enterprise introduces time- and cost-intensive complexities for Enterprise IT to manage and maintain. The Mobility Edge platform enables customers to accelerate provisioning, certification, and deployment across the enterprise. The Dolphin CK65 device offers an extended product lifecycle across Android™ R to maximize return on customer investment and provide a lower overall TCO. And it’s validated by Android Enterprise Recommended, a Google-led initiative that helps businesses confidently select, deploy, and manage Android devices and services best suited to their enterprise needs. The rugged Dolphin CK65 mobile computer features a fast processor, advanced network connectivity, and enhanced 1D/2D scanning plus extended battery life lasting over 18 hours to keep workers connected and productive throughout multiple shifts. The Dolphin CK65 computer is rated to IP64 and can withstand multiple 1.8 meter (6 ft) drops to concrete and 1,000 1.0 m (3.3 ft) tumbles. The large, vivid 10.16 cm (4 in) touchscreen display can be read easily indoors and used with finger, glove, or stylus, making it ideal for warehouse, manufacturing, and other challenging environments.

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The Honeywell ScanPal EDA10A tablet is a rugged yet lightweight solution for mobile business users who need fast, reliable mobile data access on a high-resolution, 10-inch screen. Featuring 5G cellular and Wi-Fi 6 communications, the EDA10A provides high-speed connectivity indoors and out for users in retail, logistics and field service.

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Xenon Ultra

Xenon Ultra 1960G

Honeywell Xenon Ultra 1960

The Xenon Ultra family of handheld scanners is a premium evolution of the widely known legacy Xenon and Xenon XP general purpose scanners, taking our industry-leading scan performance and reliability one step further.

The Xenon Ultra 1960G – allows retailers to stay productive and keep customer service as their top priority. With optional dual-camera extended range (XR) models, retailers can use the scanner for both up-close and extended, bottom-of-the-basket scanning.

The Xenon Ultra 1960li for light industrial applications - allows uptime and productivity to stay top priority for manufacturers, by capturing both paper and light direct part mark barcodes – even down to 2 mils.

  • In addition to a green-dot aimer to visibly enhance targeting and improve scan accuracy, the newly engineered and innovative scan platform empowers snappy scanning operations.
  • The modern design exhibits an improved aesthetic, and the enhanced user experience and durability businesses depend on.
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Mobile Printer


LNX3 3 Inch Rugged Mobile Printer

The LNX3 mobile label and receipt printer brings the power and reliability of Honeywell printers into a durable, lightweight, direct thermal printer meeting or exceeding industry printer specifications. This three-inch, feature-packed, highcapacity label and receipt printer gives the right technology for your business's rapidly changing work environments.

  • Certification to IP54, withstands tumbles up to 0.5 m (1.5 ft) and drops up to 1.8 m (5 ft) with protective case for maximum durability.
  • Powered by a 2800mAH hot-swap battery, easily swap the battery without losing connectivity or re-setting the printer.
  • MFi certified for iOS and Bluetooth, and NFC to conveniently connect to smart devices.
  • 2.4-inch LED color screen and single hand media loading door design simplifies setup and maintenance.
  • Comprehensive printer command language support, such as ZPL-II, ESC/P, CPCL, XSim, ESC/POS, and more for easier printing.
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