The ET40 and ET45 are the right-priced enterprise tablets that give your customers everything they need, right out of the box. The perfect replacement to consumer-grade tablets, the ET40 and ET45 enterprise rugged tablets are available in an easy-to-carry 8-inch model or a 10-inch model for easy viewing of information rich apps.

With the ET40/ET45, customers get thin and light consumer styling that is business tough. Integrated enterprise-class scanning. The fastest wireless connections. A multi-year lifecycle. Powerful new communication options. New solutions that add new capabilities, allowing users to turn these tablets into a POS, a workstation, a two-way radio and a PBX handset. Plus, complimentary Zebra-only Mobility DNA Professional tools improve every aspect of the device lifecycle. Customers can take worker productivity to the next level upgrading to the Mobility DNA Enterprise toolkit, with additional value-add software tools.

These tablets are built to last, designed for business from the inside out. Drop it, use it in subzero temperatures, hose it off — and it still works. The exact same device will be available for three years, eliminating mixed device deployments that are more time-consuming and costly to support. And since Zebra’s optional OneCare Essential and Select support services are available for a full six years from the initial date of sale, you can count on the support you need every day your tablets are in use.
Choose your screen size — the easy-to-carry 8 inch or the 10 inch for easy viewing of information rich apps. Capture barcodes in any condition with the integrated enterprise-class scanner. Take ultra-detailed photos with the high resolution rear camera. Enable video calls for better collaboration with the integrated front camera. Boost productivity with the latest and fastest wireless connections — including Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. Power shift after shift with the optional hot-swappable secondary battery. And create a mobile point of sale (POS) with innovative payment solutions.
Get a built-in advantage with complimentary Zebra Mobility DNA Professional tools that make every aspect of owning these tablets easier. Stage a handful or thousands of tablets in seconds. Enter barcodes into your apps — without any programming. Control which GMS services and apps are available. Easily troubleshoot tablets — test all main systems with the press of button and collect targeted diagnostics. Automatically enable enterprise mobility management (EMM) support for every feature in your tablet for easy device management. Boost device security and more by adding features to Android. And unlock even more tools to boost workforce productivity with optional Mobility DNA Enterprise.

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Innovative Features of ET40/ET45 Enterprise Tablets

Thin and light consumer-like tablets with uncompromised ruggedness
The ET40/ET45 enterprise tablets are built tough to withstand the rigors of rugged enterprise environments while still having a sleek consumer-like design. Drop them on tile or concrete floors. Use them inside and outside, in the heat or subzero temperatures. Hose them off. They still work unlike consumer-grade devices that fail and break more easily.

Fastest wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 and 5G
The Wi-Fi only ET40 is ideal for indoors in retail and hospitality, while the ET45 is ideal for delivery drivers and more out in the field. Both models enabling workers to stay connected to the information, data and people they need wherever they are.

World-class integrated scanning
Truly integrated scanner for fast, accurate on-the-spot capture virtually any barcode, in practically any condition. There is no need for customers to download a third-party application to scan a barcode with a camera or attach a scanning sled accessory adding unnecessary bulk or weight to the tablet.

Business-class lifecycle with guaranteed availability and support
The ET40/ET45 enterprise tablets are built to last for years—customers can count on support every day their devices are in service—for six years from initial sale date. Zebra's optional OneCare services provide all the options customer need to choose the right level of service for their business.

Purpose-built comprehensive suite of accessories
Customers get everything they need to make the ET40/ET45 tablets easier to carry, more rugged and more versatile through solutions that add new capabilities. The multi-slot and single slot charging cradles simplify backroom management. Protective and carrying accessories enhance durability and portability. Customers can create a workstation on demand with the Workstation cradle. And create a kiosk and more with the Presentation stand.

Complimentary Mobility DNA Professional suite of software tools
With the ET40/ET45 tablets, businesses can maximize worker productivity and efficiency while minimizing IT costs and complexity. These enterprise tablets simplify device lifecycle management and accelerate greater business outcomes, lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). Customers can unlock more tools to greatly improve the user experience and workforce efficiency by upgrading to the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise toolkit.

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Market Opportunity
Rugged and ready for all-day business, the ET40 and ET45 enterprise tablets deliver reliable operation your customers can count on. Drop it on tile or concrete floors. Use it inside and outside, even in the heat or subzero temperatures. Hose it off and it still works. The ET40 and ET45 rugged tablets are ideal for demanding environments—just add the optional rugged boot for even more durability.

Customers can choose the screen size that's right for the job—a compact easy-to-carry 8-inch screen or a larger 10-inch display for easier viewing of information rich apps. Users also get the fastest Wi-Fi and cellular speeds with Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. The Wi-Fi only ET40 is ideal indoors in retail and hospitality, while the Wi-Fi and cellular ET45 is ideal for delivery drivers and more out in the field.

The primary target markets for Zebra's ET40/ET45 Enterprise Tablets are:


  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Transportation & Logistics (Delivery)


  • Field Service & Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse

Primary Applications:

  • Retail & Hospitality
    • Assisted selling: price checking, inventory lookup
    • Line busting: mobile payment / mobile point of sale
    • Inventory management
    • Staff management and communication
    • Checking-in guests (hotel or restaurant)
    • Restaurant wait staff / ordering
  • Transportation & Logistics (Delivery)
    • Routing and dispatch
    • Proof of pickup and delivery, signature capture
    • Invoicing / mobile point of sale
    • In-vehicle inventory management
    • Staff communications / collaboration
    • Parcel track and trace
  • Field Service & Utilities
    • Routing and dispatch
    • Personnel tracking
    • Emergency repairs
    • Mobile work order management
    • Safety inspection and compliance
    • Meter reading
    • Remote assistance
  • Manufacturing
    • Specialized for clean room, pharma, food processing
    • Plant / facility management
    • Mobile HMI (human machine interface)
    • Staff communications / collaboration
    • Maintenance and repair
    • Quality assurance
  • Warehouse
    • Inventory management
    • Warehouse / facility management
    • Receiving and put away
    • Picking

Primary Users

  • Retail & Hospitality
    • Store associates
    • Store managers
    • Hotel check-in desk attendant
    • Restaurant hostess
    • Restaurant customer
  • Transportation & Logistics (Delivery)
    • Delivery driver
  • Field Service & Utilities
    • Field technician
    • Field engineer
  • Manufacturing
    • Plant manager
    • Line worker
    • Technician
  • Warehouse
    • Warehouse manager
    • Warehouse personnel

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Lead with the ET40/ET45 Enterprise Tablets when your customers:

  • Require a rugged tablet for all-day business use that can withstand accidental drops and reliably operate in demanding work environments—both inside and outside, in heat and subzero temperatures.
  • Are looking for a tablet that is built to last for years with guaranteed availability and support.
  • Want an enterprise tablet that can run the latest applications at full speed—but will not break the budget.
  • Need a mobile payment solution turning their tablet into a mobile POS for anywhere payment or creating a complete on-demand hybrid POS solution.
  • Have groups of workers with long, demanding days who need powerful communication options including the ability to turn their tablet into a two-way PTT walkie-talkie or a fully featured PBX handset.
  • Want to step up from tablet-only solutions to give their workers broader application access and better data entry capabilities.
  • May be experiencing pains around poor connectivity and will benefit from the fastest Wi-Fi and cellular speeds with Wi-Fi 6 and 5G.
  • Already benefit from Mobility DNA in Zebra handheld devices and want these features in their enterprise tablets.
  • Have pains around batteries dying in the field, misplaced devices or poor vendor support.

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ET40/ET45 Accessories

  • Single slot charging cradle
  • Single slot workstation cradle (available 2H 2022)
  • Multi-slot charging cradle
  • Presentation stand (available 2H 2022)
  • Workstation Connect/POS hub (available 2H 2022)
  • VESA mount adapter for 8" and 10"
  • Rugged frame for 8" and 10"
  • Shoulder strap and D-clips
  • Battery door with auxiliary power pack & rotating hand strap
  • Wall charger and USB cable
  • Swappable external auxiliary battery pack
  • Toaster for external auxiliary power pack



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ET40/ET45 Enterprise Tablets Services Opportunities

Constant peak performance and device uptime. That's the upside of protecting your customer's device investment with Zebra OneCare™ support services. Make sure your customers' devices are online and ready for business, ensuring critical business processes and operations are performing at peak levels while also reducing device vulnerabilities, eliminating unexpected disruptions and unbudgeted repair expenses.

Without a service plan, a single repair can potentially cost more than the device and can take weeks to complete. Increase device uptime and avoid unbudgeted repair costs with Zebra OneCare.

With Zebra OneCare, we help ensure the device is online and ready for business, ensuring critical business processes and operations are performing at peak levels. Choose the one that is right for your customer.

Zebra OneCare Essential:

  • Comprehensive repair services
  • 3-day repair turnaround
  • 8x5 local time technical support
  • Device Diagnostics tool
  • Insight into contracts, repair reports and more with cloud-based VisibilityIQ OneCare

Zebra OneCare Select:

  • All the features of Essential, PLUS
    • Like-new' advance device replacement
    • 24x7 technical support
    • Spare pools management
    • Standard Device Commissioning preloads devices with OS, software and applications

Zebra OneCare Enhancements: flexible enhancements to fit your business needs

  • Battery Services
    • Battery Maintenance: tests batteries and replaces those that cannot reach minimum 80% charge during testing
    • Battery Refresh: consolidated shipment of replacement batteries at a predetermined time
  • Enhanced shipping logistics
    • Expedited Collection Option: pre-paid shipping labels and to schedule carrier pick up using Zebra RMA portal
    • Expedited 2-way Shipping Option: express shipping of devices into Zebra's Repair Center and provide express return shipping of repaired devices back to customer
  • Commissioning Services
    • Standard Commissioning Services: provides an "out of box, ready to use" experience with the repaired or replaced device pre-loaded with OS version, customer software, applications and configurations
    • Advanced Commissioning Services: addresses more complex operational and configuration requirements over and above "Standard Commissioning Services"
  • VisibilityIQ™ Foresight
    • Transforms device data into actionable insight intoa single cloud-based, color-coded view
    • Predictive intelligence helps operational staff anticipate recurring events and catch potential problems before they affect the bottom line
    • Realize increased workforce productivity, operational efficiency and ROI by optimizing device availability and maximizing asset utilization

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