19 Mar 2018


    Location: Miramar, FL

    What is Unstoppable Performance?

    Series 3600

     The perfect tool for demanding industrial environments. 

    • Ultra-Rugged Design
    • Superior Performance
    • Unrivaled Manageability


    The series 3600 has the most rugged line of scanners ever produced , featuring industry-leading sealing, drop and tumble specifications, and reliable operation whether covered in dust or grease, sprayed with high pressure water jets or completely immersed in water. 


    • 8ft (2.5m) drop spec
    • 5,000 1 meter tumbles
    • The industries only waterproof scanner (IP65 & IP67 sealed)
    • IP65 sealed cordless cradle
    • -30C Operation Temp

     Superior Performance

    Designed to provide superior scan in mission critical use cases - especially on less than perfect barcodes typically found in industrial environments.


    • Over 30% more working range vs competition
    • Unbelievable Fast time to decode (PRZM)
    • 50% more battery capacity.

    Unrivaled Manageability 

    • Visibility into the scanner fleet's battery age, health percentage, charge level and current charge cycles.
    • Seamless integration and operations with other Zebra solutions
    • Remote management of scanner enterprise


     For more information please contact Katerine Barrera, Zebra BDM or your Sales Specialist.