Secure your Data and Infrastructure, Including Your Thermal Printers

Security risks are real, and attacks are getting increasingly frequent and sophisticated. No matter the size of your organization. Endpoints are becoming popular targets—including networked thermal printers. Successful network security requires layers of protection.

When you integrate a new thermal printer you expect it to increase productivity, not introduce security vulnerabilities. Zebra helps you defend against security breaches with our Print DNA ecosystem, powered by Link-OS, featuring PrintSecure. Together, they give you the tools to easily configure your printers to use secure connections, assess potential vulnerabilities, block unauthorized access and control your data exchanges. Zebra is committed to securing your performance edge.

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Intelligent Cabinets

Maximize Operational Efficiencies, Improve Workflows and Enhance Asset Security
The storage and accessibility of enterprise mobile devices have an often unrecognized impact on operational efficiencies. If your device mobile storage solution lacks adequate space, security features or a purposeful design, your operations risk increased damages and losses of assets, obstructions to workflows and challenges to overall profits.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets offers a portfolio of both standardized modular and customized storage solutions to enable optimum business continuity and efficiencies in your warehouse, transportation and logistics and retail operations. Designed and developed with over 15 years of experience, Zebra-validated intelligent cabinets, racks, cradle locks and customized carts help streamline how your enterprise mobile devices are stored, accessed, tracked and managed to harness the most efficient use of devices and workers.

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LifeGuard for Android

A Lifetime Security Guard for Your Zebra Rugged Android Mobile Devices

Help protect your Zebra mobile devices from cyber-attacks with LifeGuard for Android, part of the Zebra mDNA family of solutions that helps maximize enterprise mobile user productivity and minimize IT complexities over the lifespan of Zebra mobile device. LifeGuard delivers the regular OS updates required to stay on top of emerging security threats, while always allowing you to migrate to new versions at your own pace. Reports provide the visibility you need to easily manage and monitor the update process. Beginning with Android 11, you get more control over the management of security updates through new options — including a new Auto-Update feature, Dynamic Packaging to update with a single smaller file, plus support for Google A/B streaming to update silently in the background. And a full year of LifeGuard support on your current version is included with any Zebra OneCare contract — plus coverage that goes well beyond warranty to keep your Zebra devices and your operations up and running smoothly.

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ID Card and Badge Printers

Card and Badge Printers

Zebra card and badge printers make it easy to connect, create and print high quality, durable cards for a variety of applications. Whether your printing ID cards, hospitality badges, or financial or RFID cards, Zebra printers offer the security, supplies and software you need for a full solution.

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