2 oct 2018

Toshiba label printers are counted on daily.

Toshiba label printers are counted on daily for retail transactions and deliveries all over the world. From receipts to tags, custom labels to barcodes shipping labels, Toshiba’s long-lasting print heads provide a low total cost of operation with minimal maintenance.

Toshiba thermal barcode printers are the perfect solution for your business-critical labeling applications. From receipts to tags, barcode shipping labels to specialized custom labels, our printers have become the leading choice across the world for professional, in-house labeling.

Performance you’ve come to expect Our wealth of experience leads to innovative products which are backed by an extensive technical support network. You get outstanding products with exceptional user benefits and Toshiba brand reliability. INDUSTRIES AND APPLICATIONS Industrial/Manufacturing Product, carton, pallet, process tracking labels Transportation/Logistics Shipping, route sorting, bin labels Retail (In-Store and DCs) Shelf marking, price tag/ label, markdown label Healthcare Wristband, specimen, prescription bottle labels Commercial Service Event ticket, receipt, inspection label/tag Additional Asset label, compliance label, mobile/ remote label/tag. The platform allows software solutions to be integrated with Toshiba systems so you can increase productivity and better manage your workflow.