Zebra Services leverages a portfolio of offerings aligned to the way our customers consume technology. Our professional service organization will PLAN and design your customer’s mobile strategy to fit current and future needs. We can help them IMPLEMENT new networks, devices, and applications that add functionality and capabilities to their existing systems.

We can help your customers ADOPT the technology by providing effective training tools for their employees allowing them to increase the return on their investment. Finally, our team can help them RUN their mobility operations to reduce downtime, improve value and productivity, and provide access to an advanced level of technical and repair service.

Learning as a Service

Learning as a Service

Create effective learning journeys that will accelerate end user adoption of new edge-data solutions.
 A fully trained workforce will be able to conduct new tasks more effectively and efficiently. But for some organizations with seasonal workers or a high turnover of staff, the prospect of bringing everyone up to speed quickly is a major challenge. In others, training staff on a new technology can take too long and some of the immediate benefits it offers are then lost in the process. So how do you guarantee faster end user adoption of new edge-data solutions? Learning as a Service is a Zebra Signature Service that ensures your customers acquire the knowledge they need to help deliver rapid returns on their hardware investment.

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Zebra OneCare Support Services

Zebra OneCare Support Services

Broken display?  Cracked outer casing?  Damaged scanner exit window?  Our Zebra OneCare coverage plans go above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty to cover it all, including normal wear and tear and accidental damage.  With three service levels to choose from — Essential, Select and Premier — you’ll find a Zebra OneCare offering that will meet your customer’s service requirements and budget.



For maximum productivity, we can help your customer’s business ensure its Zebra mobile, tabletop, desktop, card and kiosk printers are online and ready for business.



We know the availability of your customer’s Zebra mobile computing and RFID devices, bar code scanners and wireless LAN infrastructure is key to the success of their business.

Visibility Services

Visibility Services


 *Available for BOTH Enterprise Mobile Computing Devices, Zebra LinkOS Networked enabled Printers, and Non Zebra Rugged and Consumer Devices (IoS and Android) *Minimum 250 devices. Must have a Zebra OneCare support agreement in place for all devices under OVS. 

The Operational Visibility Service (OVS) is a partner-friendly, partner-led, cloud-based, managed visibility service that lets you provide your customers with deep operational visibility, actionable insight and significantly improved asset control.  Customer data is shown on Zebra's cloud-based Asset Visibility Platform for reporting on location, condition, health, usage patterns and repair history of a customer's devices.  OVS delivers:

  • Visibility to the entire Zebra mobile device fleet and more
  • Operational dashboard, configurable views and thresholds
  • Asset health, utilization trends, geo-location and metric reports
  • Reporting and analytics with data from the operational environment (including sites, device types, thresholds, etc.)

OVS includes Soti MDM tool, and OVS Connect is a solution which connects into the customer’s already on premise MDM tool. 


For customers performing data analysis manually or considering purchasing a mobile device management (MDM) tool, Zebra's Asset Visibility Service (AVS) offers Low Touch, Entry Level, Self-service Visibility Service (Saas) which partners can leverage and resell. Utilizing an agent residing on Zebra mobile computers, AVS pulls data into our Asset Visibility Platform—providing businesses with high level operational visibility, predictive insights and actionable suggestions in mobility assets. This gives businesses proactive asset management, improved operational efficiencies and increased productivity.

Zebra's Asset Visibility Service provides:

  • High level view of device health, geo-location, and Device Metrics 
  • User-understandable indicators with suggested actions based on predictive analytics
  • Operational dashboard and configurable views

*Available for Zebra Mobile Computing Devices. No min qty. No MDM tool needed. Must have a Zebra OneCare support agreement in place for all devices under AVS. 

Install & Configuration Assist (ICA) Service for Printers

Install & Configuration Assist (ICA) Service for Printers

Our customers continue to invest in smart, connected Zebra printers that enable their core business processes to deliver measurable business outcomes.  Zebra Support Services are a critical component in delivering the rapid implementation and maximizing the uptime and performance of the printer to achieve these outcomes.

To assist in this endeavor, Zebra is pleased to introduce the new Install & Configure Assist (ICA) service which supplements the core Zebra OneCare offering.  The ICA Service is a one-time, structured call/ web support service focused on assisting the customer achieving a successful, rapid printer installation.

For end-users, ICA provides expertise for the rapid implementation and long-term productivity of their mission-critical printing needs, keeping the workforce focused on the core business.  For resellers, ICA offers a supplemental low investment, high margin new revenue stream freeing up high-valued personnel to focus on building higher-valued opportunities with customers.


Technical & Software Support (TSS) Service for Printers

Technical & Software Support (TSS) Service for Printers

Companies rely more and more on technology to support their business-critical operations.  This technology is also constantly evolving and can cause unintended impacts to the performance of crucial assets.  Changes in operational software, wireless networks or even desktops can affect a company’s operations, including printers.  Zebra’s Technical and Software Support (TSS) service provides access to technical support and the latest software releases to ensure optimal printer performance.

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OneCare Special Value (SV) for Printers

OneCare Special Value (SV) for Printers

Availability of Zebra's products is key to your customers' business success.  Whatever Zebra printer your customers purchase to help run their business, Zebra has the right service and support to help them protect their investment.

Zebra OneCare SV enables you to increase sales and margin dollars on products you sell every day, but that historically have not been sold with support services.  This new service will be available for you to sell alongside all of your select desktop and mobile printers, designed to support critical business operations by helping to ensure Zebra printing devices achieve maximum uptime and peak performance, and at a great price to the customer.

With this level of service and support, end-user customers receive:

  • 2-year contract term length
  • Wear and tear coverage including extended coverage against manufacturer's defects
  • 5-day Depot repair turn-around time (upon receipt by the depot)
  • Free ground shipping back to the customer
  • 8x5 technical support and access to self-service tools 24/7

What is Zebra OneCare SV?

  • A new tier of support service available on eligible printers addressing a market in which a complete comprehensive coverage solution is not always required
  • A 'special value' service at a reduced price point

Benefits to YOU, the Reseller

  • Drives incremental attach, revenue and margin
  • Generates incremental revenue and margin around everyday hardware sales
  • Competitive differentiation and very economical pricing makes for a very enticing add-on. We recommend bundling this service with every eligible printer
  • Simplified SKU structure makes it memorable and easy to sell