What is VARCOM?

We understand that Marketing is the fuel to fill your sales funnel with prospects. VARCOM is BlueStar's marketing engine designed solely to provide marketing services and end-user demand generation to our value added resellers and ISVs. Everything that VARCOM offers is customized to your company and solution, providing unique campaigns and content designed specifically for you.  VARCOM is an agile partner offering unprecedented flexibility that you can use as an extension of your existing marketing efforts or to provide complete turn-key services. 

Our sole purpose is to help you grow your business. VARCOM offers over a decade of experience culminating in the ability to give you a wide range of proven services at the lowest costs in the channel.  We also specialize in working with vendor partners to share in the investment of your customized marketing activity.

Let VARCOM's award winning marketing program, experience, and channel expertise work for you to develop the most effective marketing strategy for your target market.

Why do you Need VARCOM?

Quite simply, every business needs to be vigilant at prospecting for new leads. This is what separates the companies who are growing from those who are not. The VARCOM department prides itself on developing quality leads for you at the best possible cost per lead. 

How VARCOM puts money in the bank

VARCOM has a proven track record with turning marketing campaigns into sellable leads. These are not cookie cutter campaigns, but customized marketing tailored specifically to help grow your business. Our process is unique and features researching your target market followed by building a marketing campaign that fits your budget.  Every campaign is different and VARCOM has any number of solutions that we can utilize to make sure it works such as:

• Inbound Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Telemarketing
• Digital Advertising
• Website design
• Storefront website solutions

• Social Media Packages
• Webinars
• Traditional Outbound Marketing
• Custom Collateral
• And much more...

Learn how other companies like yours have benefited from the VARCOM program. 

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