How VARCOM Works

VARCOM is a valuable partner for all your marketing needs. We pride ourselves on being there whenever you need us, no matter how big or small the activity. Our process starts with learning your objectives, then designing a customized marketing solution to address those objectives. The VARCOM Department has the solution experts at their disposal to give feedback on messaging, design, and your target market to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

One of the critical pieces of the puzzle is VARCOM’s ability to engage vendor partners for shared support of the initiative. In addition, the VARCOM department works directly with the vendors to have the most up to date product images and content, so your information is never out of date. This saves you the time and trouble of searching for product images, action shots, and industry shots because we have access to over 10,000 images that are at your disposal for any marketing efforts we work on with you.

How Activities Work

How Activities Work

How Activities Work

Each activity works a little bit differently, but all are designed to drive leads to you. You can select a la carte activities to work in conjunction with current marketing you might already have in place or you can choose one of our specially crafted marketing bundles to address your needs. To maximize your ROI, you can also work directly with the VARCOM team to create a custom multi-touch marketing campaign. Every campaign - whether it be a mailer, email blast, or a digital medium - has a way to track ROI. 

Another unique aspect of VARCOM is what is included in every activity.  VARCOM is the only channel marketing program that includes list procurement, design, implementation and ROI metrics with every activity.

Best Practices

Best Practices

When crafting a marketing activity here are some things to keep in mind.

1.) Target Market

  • Who is your target market? Is this campaign a local, state, regional, or nationwide initiative? It is best to really break your target markets into regions because one message may work in the Midwest, but not the west.

2.) List:

  • The criteria for your list is the most important aspect of the entire campaign. This is what will set the campaign up for success.
  • Industry
  • Geographic region
  • Sales Volume
  • Employee size
  • Contact title
  • Facility size by SQ. FT.

3.) Message

  • What is the message or offer you would like to give to your potential customer.  What is going to make them pick up the phone or go to your website to learn more?

4.) Multi-Touch Campaign

  • These types of campaigns are the most effective. Touching the same list multiple times whether it be through mail, email blasts, telemarketing, webinar or any of the other VARCOM activities will greatly increase your chances of a successful campaign.

5.) Product/Solution

  • Picking the correct product/solution that will fit the market you are targeting.
  • Make sure to tie the offer directly to the product or solution that you are highlighting.

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