Field Service

Service organizations that send technicians or other personnel to customer sites need to empower their mobile workforces with efficiency tools. Field service operations struggle to control spiraling costs of labor, travel, and inefficient inventory management, increase field service productivity, while trying to increase customer satisfaction. Mobile computers that allow real-time access, via WWAN wireless communications, to customer information and maintenance records provide mobile workers access to the same information in the field as they would in an office. Adding portable printers and allowing for signatures to be captured, photos to be taken, credit cards to be verified allows these mobile workers to complete business transactions while in the field with the customer. 

By developing strategic partnerships with best-of-breed ISVs and world class hardware manufacturers, BlueStar's "In-a-Box" Series provides a jump start for those who provide or wish to provide solutions for Field Service. These "In-a-Box" Solution bundles consist of specifically selected hardware that is best suited for the targeted solution including the needed peripherals that complete the solution offering. Mobile computers are used to provide these mobile workers access to needed customer, inventory, and product information required to better serve their customers or perform the needed tasks. Portable printers are also used when receipts, proof of delivery or invoices are required.

  • Driver In-a-Box
  • Technician In-a-Box
  • Sales Rep In-a-Box
  • Inspector In-a-Box

Boxed Solutions