Industrial Handhelds

Granit 1280i

Industrial-Grade Full Range Laser Scanner

The Granit™ 1280i industrial-grade laser scanner goes the distance, reading barcodes out to 54’ (16.5m), or as close as 3.5” (8.9cm). Built to read virtually all linear barcodes across a wide depth-of-field, the 1280i supports maximum worker productivity with its extended reading range, intuitive and configurable user feedback, and true industrial-strength ruggedness.

Granit 1980i/1981i

Wireless Industrial Scanner

The Granit™ 1980i wired and 1981i wireless industrial scanners features full-range area-imaging technology capable of reading both 1D and 2D barcodes from six inches (15 cm) to over 50 feet (15 meters). From poor quality 7.5 mil paper codes scanned at arm’s length to 100 mil retro-reflective codes hanging from warehouse rafters, the 198Xi is built to read virtually all barcodes across its unmatched range, supporting maximum operator productivity in the harshest environments.

Vehicle-mount Computers

Thor VM2

Thor VM2


Solidifying Honeywell’s position as the leader in vehicle-mount computing, the Thor VM2 builds on the best-in-class Thor VM1 that was created specifically to address the unique challenges of supply chain applications.

Now available with Windows 7 Pro and WES 7


Features and Benefits

Smart Dock: Enables mounting and removal in seconds like a laptop dock but with the ruggedness and sealing required for industrial applications; maximizes efficiency by dynamically shifting workers and computers as the workload changes, while minimizing maintenance cost by enabling a computer to be shifted from one vehicle to another in 1/6 the standard time.

Field-Replaceable Front Panel:
Reduces capital and maintenance cost by integrating the two most wear and abuse prone components, the keyboard and touchscreen, into a user-replaceable part; reduces capital costs by substituting spare front panels for spare computers.

Ignition Control: Eliminates the maintenance expense and lost productivity caused by a dead vehicle battery; unit can be configured to automatically go into standby or hibernate at a selectable time after the ignition switch is turned off, saving time for associates while eliminating a point of concern for warehouse management.


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Desktop Printers

PM43 / 43c


PM43 / PM43c

PM43/PM43c mid-range industrial label printers are ready to perform. Reduce workforce training and support with the tamper-proof, 10-language, color touch-screen or universal-icon interface. The PM43/PM43c is a third-generation Honeywell industrial printer designed to maximize your uptime. Count on the PM43/PM43c to deliver quick deployment, the fastest print speed in its class, and proven reliability. 

Maximize uptime and operational consistency
Enhanced Self Strip for challenging media types. A tamper-proof color touch-screen in 10 languages or a universal icon interface maximizes uptime. Precision Print for consistent bar code printing with pin point accuracy.

Improve cost control with remote monitoring
Integrated device management and diagnostic capabilities delivers a powerful ROI. Multilingual Web page loaded on every printer ensures easy device monitoring from computers, smart phones and tablets.

Solutions that grow and adjust as business conditions change
Programmability enables deployment of comprehensive labeling applications and solutions – including attached scanners, scales or other peripherals, all without the need for a computer for quick ROI. Advanced Connectivity = Future proof with IPv6. Collapsible core for non-core ribbon usage.

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4” Desktop Printer

Based on more than 40 years of bar code printing innovations, the  PC42t desktop printer sets new standards for user-friendliness  and affordability. Exceptionally compact and easy to use, this  printer is simple to install and is ready to print quickly. Quiet,  reliable operation and intuitive design make the PC42t the right fit  for light-duty labeling applications in a variety of industries.

Available in either 12.7 mm (½ in) or 25.4 mm (1 in) ribbon core  configurations, the PC42t supports media as wide as 110 mm (4.3  in) and fits right into existing printing environments. The 25.4 mm  configuration is compatible with ribbon lengths up to 300 m (984  ft) — more than four times the length of competitive offerings. With  support for longer ribbons, downtime is reduced and ribbons can  be shared with larger printers to provide increased media flexibility.

The PC42t includes broad, industry standard connectivity. Up  to four ports are built-in: standard USB device and USB host,  plus optional serial or serial+Ethernet. With a user-installable  USB-to-parallel cable, the PC42t easily drops into virtually any  environment. With its compact size, common media specifications,  and support for ZPL-II and EPL emulation, along with Honeywell’s  popular Direct Protocol (DP), the PC42t provides an easy upgrade  path from a variety of legacy Intermec and competitive printers.

With its affordable price and modern features, the PC42t  represents a smart solution for the small or medium business  looking to improve productivity in label making operations.


Mobile Printers




Datamax-O'Neil built its reputation on rugged and reliable portable receipt printers and has now used this expertise to design the industry's most rugged portable label printer. The RL4 is a durable 4-inch (100mm) direct thermal printer with a rugged design and reliable performance that will continue to operate long after other printers have failed. We're so confi dent in the quality and long term reliability of these printers that we include a 2-year warranty free of change. That's double what the competition offers.

The RL4 will increase worker effi ciency and reduce errors. Anybody who's ever been in a warehouse knows that the quicker shipments are processed, the higher productivity will be, and that shipping errors cannot be tolerated. The RL4 improves effi ciency and productivity by allowing workers to print and apply barcode labels directly at the point of application. The printer can even be mounted on fork trucks for added convenience and versatility. Using an RL4 to print on-demand labels also eliminates the danger of mixing up batch printed labels and saving thousands of dollars in potential shipping errors.

We've made integration easy. Replace existing printers using Datamax-O'Neil's language emulations. The RL4 is compatible with most popular warehouse management software programs, independent label design programs and remote management packages.

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