Businesses around the globe rely on MagTek’s Mobile Secure Card Reader Authenticators (SCRAs). MagTek's SCRAs capture data with a single swipe and they offer the flexible options customers need for ease-of-use. MagneSafe SCRAs deliver dynamic card authentication, data encryption, tokenization, and device/host authentication to protect our customers and their customers from identity theft and card fraud. The mobile readers proactively identify counterfeit cards and for the ultimate in application flexibility and interface options, they deliver the configuration choices with the reliability even the most discriminating customers know and trust.


Now it is possible to accept magstripe and EMV PIN debit/credit cards on EMV capable devices. MagTek’s DynaPro and DynaPro Mini combines a secure PCI PTS 3.x, SRED compliant PIN Entry Device with a MagneSafe secure card reader authenticator (SCRA) and a Smart Card reader. These devices are ideal for credit, ATM, Prepaid, gift, and debit cards for point of sale applications where you need unmatched convenience and security. Reduce your interchange rates, reduce chargebacks and increase your customer satisfaction and sales with the EMV Solutions. DynaPro is a sleek, multifunction point of transaction and POS PIN Entry Device with encrypting keypad input, a MagneSafe secure card reader authenticator (SCRA), and EMV contact/contactless smart card reader and optional NFC (contactless) capabilities. DynaPro allows merchants to use one device for a variety of card technologies. DynaPro encrypts cardholder payment data, exceeds PCI DSS security requirements, and provides a future-proof migration path for tomorrow’s EMV payment technologies. 


Financial institutions and retailers rely on MagTek. Millions of check transactions every day are processed with MagTek’s Small Document Scanners. For financial institutions and retailers of all sizes, MagTek’s scanners deliver flexibility, accuracy and value. With solutions for both auto and single-feed operation, and advanced features including integrated secure card reader authenticators and color scanning, MagTek’s Small Document Scanners fit the needs of a wide range of electronic check applications. For check processing that’s easy and secure, put your trust in MagTek.