Electronic Payments: ISVs

BlueStar understands the ever-growing importance of ISVs in the channel. For that reason, we have created ISV Connect-- BlueStar’s ISV Program. This program is designed to foster the channel’s ecosystem and add structure to how BlueStar engages and works with software partners. We've established four different levels of engagement through this program. We encourage all participating ISVs in the database should to keep their profile up to date.

Every partner program needs to have levels to help define engagement levels. We have designed multiple tiers to meet the needs of every ISV business model.



On the payments side, BlueStar has engaged with the best in class hardware vendors, top processors, and gateways. Through our award winning In-a-Box solution series, BlueStar can aid any ISV/developer with boosting their software into a market. We can assist in everything from targeted end-user lead generation to channel reseller recruitment.


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