Electronic Payments: ISOs

BlueStar understands that strictly selling payment processing technology is a tough job. Processing has become such a commoditized service, that it is difficult to compete and maintain loyalty with your merchants. As a true solutions distributor we are able to help the ISO and payment processing community in creating more business and loyalty with your merchants. This is done through solution selling!

We have been in the POS business for decades. We have helped resellers and processors deliver complete POS solutions that include hardware, software, services, support and many value-add options.

This is an industry concept that is easier said than done. To sell solutions, a company must have the resources, time, and expertise to create unique hardware and software bundles for varying needs. In simplifying this process, BlueStar has created our "In-a-Box" Series targeting 8 specific vertical markets: Government, Field Service, Healthcare, Education, Warehouse/Distribution, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing, and Point of Sale.


On the payments side, BlueStar has engaged with the best in class hardware vendors, top processors, and gateways. Our award winning In-a-Box solution series, helps by closing more business, making additional margins, and creating merchant loyalty. The In-a-Box series is designed to allow ISOs and processors with a way to make it easier to sell, deploy, and use Point of Sale solutions.

Key injection and terminal deployment

Our vast experience and knowledge in the POS space makes BlueStar the right partner for your terminal business. Our services team completes thousands of complex POS solution deployments a month. This includes everything from kitting and staging entire solutions to loading software and key injection capabilities. Our facility is TR-39 certified and BlueStar distributes the top payment terminal vendors. We are also PCI PIN and P2PE certified ESO and are listed on Visa’s Global Registry of Service Providers page.

BlueStar distributes most of the major terminal vendors, and has done so for many years. We also have relationships with major processors/acquirers giving you access to a vast library database, to meet your needs.

Our Partners

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