Why Posiflex, You Ask?

  • Posiflex has been in business since 1984, we continue to grow and expand our global presence.
  • Manufacturing is done in Taipei, Taiwan in our two modern ISO 9001/9002/14001 certified factories.
  • Posiflex Taiwan is a publically traded company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. 
  • All engineering and design expertise for hardware, firmware and software development is done in-house. 
  • Posiflex designs and manufactures our terminals & peripherals from the "motherboard" up! We manufacture our own Touch Terminals, Printers, Cash Drawers, Pole Displays and Kitchen Video Systems.
  • HALT & HASS Highly Accelerated Life Testing ** Highly Accelerated Stress Screening. Prior to release, our terminals are tested by a third party company who puts them through rigorous testing, they cook them, touch them, shake them, etc... then report back to us what needs to be refined, we do this until we get it right and the product has passed all tests. It then comes to us here in the US for distribution. 
  • Since 2006 when Posiflex became RoHS compliant, 100% of Posiflex POS products contain no lead in their material finishes and are specifically designed for greater ease of disassembly and recycling. 
  • Posiflex his has been certified with many of the most common POS applications in the industry. Healthcare, Gaming and Kiosk's are all growing markets for Posiflex as well. 
  • Posiflex offers a 3 year warranty on all of our terminals and peripherals. 
  • Posiflex has Depot Service Centers in Hayward, CA and Toronto, Canada. An East Coast facility is NOW open in North Carolina. 
  • Posiflex now offers our own 1 or 3 Year Advance Exchange Program available in the US on all of our terminals and peripheral products aka Spare In the Air! 
  • Extended Warranty available throughout the US and Canada on our KS & FT Terminals for years 4 & 5. 
  • Our proven commitment to the design, manufacture, delivery and support of high quality products!

About Posiflex

Posiflex has four primary objectives - provide revolutionary technology, reliable quality, reasonable pricing and recognized service. As a 25 year design and manufacturer of Point-of-Service (POS) and industrial touch terminals, Posiflex has over 30 patents awarded for innovative design as a POS pioneer, and leader. In partnership with software application companies, Posiflex's products are sold worldwide through VARS and distributors to various vertical industries. Posiflex's comprehensive suite comprises of a wide range of peripherals, terminals ranging from small footprint electronic cash register replacements, to POS terminals, to robust back office file servers in our two ISO 9001/9002/ 14001 certified facilities.

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Matt Schwietering

Business Development Manager
Phone: 800-354-9776 ext. 3355
Email: schwietering@bluestarinc.com