Zebra Podcasts

Zebra and BlueStar bring unique takes and subject matter experts on the latest technology and solutions across every industry and vertical. Bookmark this page to come back and see more Podcasts as they get filmed throughout the year. We will be discussing all sorts of hot button issues regarding the ever evolving landscape of businesses in each industry and how Zebra’s premier hardware technology and software partners can help YOU achieve your goals. Help your customers “Capture Their Performance Edge” with Zebra Technologies and BlueStar!

Intelligent Cabinets & Mobile Device Management w/Randy Murphy

Most industries understand the value of using enterprise mobile devices over consumer options, but are they properly caring for, storing, and maintaining them to maximize their potential? This week, Randy Murphy from Zebra joins the pod to discuss that very problem and a simple solution—deploying “intelligent” cabinets. What’s the need here? What options are available? What does the ROI and benefits look like? It’s the episode that reminds you that Sheriff ZAM is watching!



Robots, Cobots & Automating the Supply Chain w/Mark Wheeler

Look, robots are cool, and we like to joke about whether a Terminator-style world takeover could happen, but they also have very practical value when used alongside workers, especially in warehousing, distribution & manufacturing. Mark Wheeler, Zebra’s Director of Supply Chain Solutions, joins the show to discuss the current market for robots. What’s holding supply chain leaders back from implementing augmentation technology? What happens to facilities that embrace this kind of automation? What kind of data and analytics can robots bring to enterprises?



Food Safety Technology w/Ashley Barey

Food safety is topical for restaurants, grocers and, of course, customers. From foodborne illnesses to food allergies, hyperlocal sourcing, and FDA guidelines, there is a lot for businesses sell, prepare or deliver food to keep and mind and be vigilant about. This week, Zebra’s Ashley Barey joins us to discuss how we can utilize technology to combat some of these issues and where opportunities may lie for resellers. What does the FDA have planned that we should be talking about now? How did the pandemic impact the discussion? What are some key technologies for storage, traceability and delivery? What about food waste? It’s the episode that you should sniff to make sure it’s still fresh.




RFID Printing and Encoding

We’re joined by Kelly Breneisen (Zebra’s Supplies Application Architect) & Michael Fein (Zebra’s Global Product Manager for RFID Printing/Encoding) to discuss the trends and market analysis of where RFID is most prevalent and how resellers can capitalize on the opportunity, as well as how this technology will continue to emerge in 2021.


Printer Security & Media

Printers are a vital component of many workplaces, from retail and hospitality to warehousing, manufacturing & healthcare, but these devices are more than just boxes for spitting out labels and receipts. They are increasingly connected to organizational infrastructure and systems and there are a multitude of options for printer media. We're joined this week by Zebra's Leo Lowy & Christine Weber to discuss. How can printers be a network security risk and how can you prevent it? What types of media are available and how does one decide what they need? Hint, we were imPRESSed by the acronym for making those decisions.


Artificial Intelligence & Analytics in Healthcare

Terms like artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics get thrown around in many industries and may still feel like high-level futuristic concepts, but they are not and they are actively improving outcomes, especially in healthcare. Matt Jordan returns to the podcast with special guest Chris Sullivan, Zebra's Global Healthcare Practice Lead, to dive into how these concepts are making a difference right now. Where is AI currently in use and how did the pandemic accelerate that? What is machine learning? Is predictive analytics as simple as putting data you already have to work?