Easy to Operate, Flexible Features and Ready for Tomorrow

Elevate your customers' expectations with the advanced desktop printer that delivers the features, flexibility, reliability and security they need—today and tomorrow. With Zebra's ZD421 printers, customers are assured of quality performance and key features that keep their businesses moving forward, plus unmatched security to prevent downtime and costly cyberattacks.

Featuring Zebra's exclusive Print DNA software suite, the ZD421 advanced desktop printer is easy to setup, operate, manage and maintain both onsite or remotely. Direct thermal, thermal transfer, healthcare and ribbon cartridge models support a wide variety of applications.

Unlike other brands, Zebra's printers offer peace-of-mind security with PrintSecure, part of Print DNA, to prevent downtime and costly cyberattacks.

Building on the legacy of Zebra's popular GK Series, the ZD421 offers added features, capabilities and security measures that make it stand apart. It includes a more intuitive user interface, a powerful new architecture and a field-upgradeable wireless kit. New media guide and media handling designs, as well as a moveable media sensor, make daily operation even easier and give users greater flexibility for more use cases.

When you buy a Zebra ZD421 printer, each step is frustration-free. With our exclusive Print DNA software suite, it’s easy to install and start printing quickly. Manage onsite or remotely using our robust, web-based management tool. Protect your data and prevent downtime with PrintSecure. Use Print Touch with near field communication (NFC) to pair and print or access how-to videos.
The ZD421 offers the advanced features, reliability, flexibility and security that make it stand apart. See status at a glance with the display’s five LED icons. Choose the ribbon cartridge model for fast and fool-proof ribbon loading, or the disinfectant-ready healthcare models for medical environments. Easily transport the ZD421 with the carrying case and battery.
Technology is constantly and rapidly advancing. Replacing outdated equipment is costly. Be ready for what’s next with the ZD421 printer that’s engineered to evolve with a new innovative architecture to power ever-expanding printer capabilities. The ZD421 features a more intuitive user interface, and field-upgradeable connectivity and media handling to grow with your business.




The primary markets for the ZD421 Series are:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Service/Hospitality

Key applications include:


  • Shelf labels
  • Price markdowns
  • Return tags
  • Asset and inventory labels
  • Food information labels
  • Receipts
  • Pharmacy labels


  • Lab and specimen labels
  • Prescription labels
  • Patient ID wristbands
  • Blood and IV bag labels
  • Patient record labels
  • Asset labels 

Transportation & Logistics:

  • Shipping and receiving labels
  • Packing slips
  • Asset labels


  • Agency labels
  • Product labels
  • Apparel tags
  • Work-in-Process (WIP)
  • Inventory labels
  • Shipping labels 


  • Asset labels
  • Record labels


  • Service reminder labels
  • Ticketing 



Innovative Features of the ZD421 Series Advanced Desktop Printers

Engineered to be Easy and Secure

The ZD421 is intuitive and frustration-free, for every user. With Print DNA and setup wizards, it's easy to install and start printing quickly. Manage onsite or remotely using the robust, web-based management tool. Use Print Touch with NFC to pair and print or access how-to-videos. Plus, PrintSecure provides unmatched security for peace-of-mind protection.

Flexibility to Add Features Later

The ZD421 provides field upgradeable connectivity and media handling options to grow with your customer's business. This includes 802.11ac + Bluetooth, Ethernet and serial, peeler and cutter. Also, the battery and carrying case make these printers a transportable printing solution.

Includes All the Right Features

The ZD421 offers advanced features to set it apart, including five status LED icons and a 3-button user interface, movable sensor for greater media flexibility, fast print speeds, 300 or 74 meter ribbon capacity, PDF Direct, ZebraDesigner Essentials label designer, and optional 300 dpi resolution. The ZD421 is available in thermal transfer, direct thermal, healthcare and ribbon cartridge models, all backed by 2-year warranty.

Speaks Your Language

Deploy the ZD421 into existing printer fleets with confidence. It supports both EPL and ZPL printer languages and can even emulate other printer languages using the Virtual Devices on-printer app, part of Zebra's Print DNA. And, customers can keep using their current label formats and applications—no modification needed.

Groundbreaking Cartridge for Instant Ribbon Changes

The ZD421 is the only thermal transfer printer to offer a ribbon cartridge that takes just a few seconds to load with fool-proof instant loading. The smart chip in the ribbon lets the customer know when to replace the cartridge.

Ready for Tomorrow's Technology

Technology is constantly and rapidly advancing. Replacing outdated equipment is costly. Be ready for what's next with the intelligent printer that's engineered to evolve. The ZD421 includes a new innovative architecture to power ever-expanding printer capabilities.



ZD421 Desktop Printer Accessories

The following accessories are available for the ZD421 printer:

  • Desktop printer battery pack and housing
  • Carrying case
  • ZKDU – Zebra keyboard display unit
  • Mounting plate
  • Enclosed power supply



Service Opportunities for the Zebra ZD421 Printers

Zebra ZD421 desktop printers come with a 2-year standard warranty. To learn more, visit the Printer Warranty Page on zebra.com.

Availability of Zebra's printers is key to your customers' business success. Never one-size-fits-all, choose the Zebra OneCare® maintenance plan that will best serve your customers' strategic vision, keep their printers operating at peak performance, and enable their critical business operations. Zebra OneCare plans help eliminate unexpected repair costs, maximize device uptime, and generate more revenue and margin on your printer sales. As their trusted advisor, you can add to your portfolio of services and increase your revenue and margins, while providing real value. 

The recommended Zebra OneCare maintenance Plan for ZD421 Printers is Zebra OneCare Select or Zebra OneCare Essential, providing:

  • Opportunity for resellers to increase sales, margin and renewal dollars on products they sell every day, but that historically have not been sold with maintenance services. This service is available for you to sell upfront alongside all of your printers.
  • Customer to receive:
    • Zebra OneCare Essential:
      • Comprehensive repair services, including print heads
      • 3-day repair turnaround time
      • 8x5 local time technical support
      • Software updates and patches
    • Zebra OneCare Select:
      • Includes all of the features of Essential, PLUS:
        • Like-new' advance device replacement
        • 24x7 technical support
        • Spare pools management
        • Standard Device Commissioning preloads devices with OS, software and applications

Need Deeper Printer Visibility?

If your customers need deeper insight into their printer activity, optional cloud-based Visibility IQ™ Foresight for Link-OS Printers provides total inventory view, printer operational status (utilized, un-utilized or out of contact), smart battery data, and detailed view at the individual printer level.

Learn More



ZD421 Desktop Printer Supplies

Exceptionally Consistent Zebra Certified Supplies

The labels, tags and receipt paper used in your customer's operations provide them with critical information to their business—every year, your customers spend 3 to 10 times the cost of their Zebra printer on printing supplies. With Zebra Certified Supplies, your customers can improve operational efficiency, support the growth of their business and can even ensure brand consistency.

Using the wrong label for the application, or one that is of low quality, could lower productivity as well as customer satisfaction.

The following supplies are available for the ZD421 printer:

  • ZipShip labels, tags and receipts
  • Custom labels, tags and receipts
  • Ribbons
  • Wristbands

Consistent Processes and Materials = High Quality

  • ISO 9001:2008-certified
  • The use of consistent materials from run-to-run—we never substitute materials
  • Utilize a 23-point inspection process to ensure premium craftsmanship
  • Materials are selected to ensure we deliver consistent high-quality products

Pre-Tested Solutions Ensure Performance

  • We know thermal printers and test all materials in our printers to reduce premature printhead wear
  • Environmental testing which includes outdoor and chemical resistance
  • We offer UL and cUL certified and RoHS-compliant solutions 



ZD421 Desktop Printer Software

Print DNA Software Suite, Your Built-in Advantage
Our Print DNA suite of software gets Zebra printers up and running quickly and securely. Users can print consistently and uninterrupted with a solution that's fully integrated and interoperable—and will enable your customer's printer to evolve with their business needs.

Management Tools
Print DNA management tools make it simple to add and manage large fleets of printers from anywhere, easily.

Visibility Tools
Whether your customers have an existing MDM/EMM solution in place, or need to add visibility to their printer fleet, Zebra's got you covered.

Productivity Tools
Reach new levels of productivity with innovations that streamline tasks, optimize device performance and keep your customers ahead of the curve by solving tomorrow's problems today.

Development Tools
Print DNA allows developers to create the most functional and efficient printing solutions possible, making it easier to create unique custom apps.



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