Proven Solutions That Make Temperature Monitoring of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Food Products Easier

Pharmaceuticals, biologic and food products require strict control of environmental parameters—temperature range, humidity level, light exposure and more—not only to satisfy compliance but also to protect product effectiveness and end-user safety. With Zebra's temperature monitoring and sensing devices, your customers can ensure the integrity and cost effectiveness of their temperature-sensitive products during storage, shipping and handling. Our devices monitor environmental exposures critical to maintaining the quality of your customers' products in biotech, blood banks, emergency medical service, other healthcare organizations as well as food distribution and delivery.

Zebra’s solutions have been tested in the field in multiple use cases for temperature-sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and more to assure consistent and reliable identification of temperature excursions.


Zebra electronic temperature sensors wirelessly monitor the environments containing temperature-sensitive products. Their portable, wireless temperature sensors are Bluetooth®-enabled and offer mobile connectivity and data-sharing to help ensure temperature-sensitive products are monitored throughout the process.

Used in production, storage and shipment, Zebra electronic temperature sensors allow users to retrieve and view data through packing materials, containers, trucks, cold chain equipment and temperature-controlled rooms without jeopardizing environmental integrity. Electronic temperature sensors also offer mobile device setup, monitoring and tracking with EDGEVue® Mobile App, as well as cloud data-sharing and storage with EDGECloud™ services.




Innovative Features of Zebra's Electronic Temperature Sensors

Retrieve Data Quickly and Maintain Environmental Integrity

Many competitive solutions require users to open containers and manually connect devices to USB ports to gather temperature data points. This method is time-consuming, subject to human error and jeopardizes product stability. Zebra's solutions allow data to be retrieved through packaging, vehicles and storage equipment, making data access faster and easier while maintaining environmental integrity and helping to protect products.

Access Data Remotely for Efficient Decision Making

Data points from many competitive devices are generated in PDF form, requiring downloads and emails to decision makers. Zebra solutions provide wireless, cloud-based data-sharing, storage and reporting via mobile devices or automatic uploads when in range of Bluetooth gateways. With data in the cloud, decision makers are notified automatically if temperature excursions occur, and they can quickly access data through our EDGEVue app for compliance and analysis.

Customizable Settings to Fit Product Needs

Zebra devices are among the most versatile and customizable in the market. Unlike other devices which are preconfigured and require users to purchase different devices for different needs, Zebra devices can be reconfigured for each cold-chain shipment or storage environment. Zebra devices empower users with the control to customize settings—from start time to reading intervals to alarm limits—to monitor a wide range of products and environments.

Meet Compliance with Ease

Today there is more complexity in cold-chain shipments due to increased temperature sensitive shipments and storage; handling requirements which add costs to program and manage sensors; and risks of human error and temperature excursions. But Zebra sensors and data loggers make it easier to overcome these challenges and meet compliance by having consistent access to track and report temperature data, maintain environmental integrity and respond quickly to excursions. Plus, the solution is compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.

Take Advantage of a Simple, Cost-Effective Solution

Zebra devices are user-friendly for simple implementation and management. Intuitive interfaces give users the ability to set alarms, data logging intervals, startup options, time and temperature units. The portfolio of reusable devices provides memory for 16,000 readings, geolocation and ability to monitor temperatures from -200C to 200C (-328 to 392F). This combined with the EDGEVue app, cloud services and Bluetooth gateway provide data access without complexity.

Monitoring Tools

Monitoring Tools

With Zebra's electronic sensor data and device monitoring tools, users gain on-demand access to sensor temperature and geolocation data directly from smartphones, tablets or computers. Zebra’s multi-functional application allows users to easily gather and analyze data from Zebra electronic temperature sensors, as well as manage them by setting preferences, checking statuses and more.

EDGEVue Mobile App

With the EDGEVue Mobile App available for Android™ or iOS, S-400 and M-300 Series electronic temperature sensors can be monitored from a mobile computer, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth®. With this free and easy-to-use application, users can configure sensor mission preferences; track temperature, location and other sensor data; send reports and even upload data to the EDGECloud.

EDGEVue Web Application

The secure EDGEVue Web Application allows the viewing and analyzing of temperature, location and alarms uploaded from S-400 and M-300 Series electronic temperature sensors to EDGECloud from anywhere, at any time just by using an internet browser. Users can run reports and export collected data.

OCEABridge® Wireless Gateway

The OCEABridge wireless gateway automatically collects readings from S-400 and M-300 Series Bluetooth electronic temperature sensors within range and transmits the information to the cloud, making it significantly easier to handle numerous fixed installations as well as high-volume shipments of temperature sensitive goods.


Market Opportunity

Zebra’s electronic temperature sensors wirelessly monitor the environments containing temperature-sensitive products. The portable, wireless temperature sensors are Bluetooth®-enabled and offer mobile connectivity and data-sharing to help ensure temperature-sensitive products are monitored.

Key Verticals and Applications: Cold-Chain Applications

a. Food Retail and Distribution 


  • Warehousing and distribution of perishable, refrigerated and frozen items (i.e. anything that is temperature sensitive)
  • Monitoring the temperature of products, coolers, containers or reefer to know if temperature has ever been compromised
  • Monitoring the temperature of food storage equipment

Key Decision Makers

  • Logistics and quality managers

    b. Transportation and Logistics


    • Delivery of food, medicine, medical devices to distribution centers, customers or consumers
    • Cold chain for COVID vaccine transportation
    • Monitoring temperature during delivery of these products throughout the cold chain, including the last mile

    Key Decision Makers

    • Logistics and quality managers

      c. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals


      • Shipments of pharmaceuticals, vaccines or medical devices worldwide
      • Monitoring temperature of vital medication and devices during shipment to help support medical efficacy

      Key Decision Makers

      • Hospitals: Pharmacy directors, lab directors, directors of product stability
      • Pharmaceutical manufacturing: Logistics and quality managers

      d. Emergency Medical Services


      • Monitoring of temperature sensitive medications and devices on vehicles
      • Monitoring temperature of vital medication and devices on vehicle to help support medical efficacy

      Key Decision Makers

      • Medical directors, chiefs


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