The TC21-HC and TC26-HC mobile computers provide all the features healthcare workers need to deliver higher quality care and a better patient experience. Available with WiFi-only (TC21-HC) or WiFi and cellular (TC26-HC), a disinfectant ready design, Zebra's leading voice solutions and Mobility DNA tools, these cost-effective devices allow healthcare customers to affordably connect more workers in virtually any setting.

With mobile computers designed specifically for healthcare, hospitals and other healthcare organizations can confidently deploy mobile devices to ancillary healthcare workers with affordable, ergonomic and lightweight mobile computers that are disinfectant ready. Featuring healthcare grade materials, a 5-inch display and easily removable batteries, the TC21-HC/TC26-HC devices can be continuously cleaned and disinfected throughout multiple shifts every day. The TC21-HC/TC26-HC also offers a large selection of healthcare accessories.

In addition, the optional Zebra OneCare™ SV with Accidental Damage affordable support plan protects it all with coverage for normal wear and tear, live and online technical support, priority repair turnaround time and more.

The more staff members you can connect, the better the patient safety and quality of patient care you can deliver. With WiFi and WiFi/cellular models, you can connect workers inside your facility, in-between buildings on expansive campus-style facilities, out in the field or at home.
Keep your teams connected with affordable two-way radio functionality, connecting non-clinical staff to speed the delivery of services. The high-resolution rear camera is ideal for documenting proof of task completion or proof of condition — and to occasionally scan the barcode on a patient wristband to ensure the right patient receives the right meal or is about to be transported to the right location for the right test.
Every device comes standard with Mobility DNA Professional, a suite of powerful tools that put these devices in a class of its own. Tools are pre-loaded and ready to use. And you can unlock powerful advanced tools that take workforce productivity and device management simplicity to a new level with the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise License.



Innovative Features of the TC21-HC and TC26-HC Mobile Computers

Best-in-class disinfectant-ready design for practical use in healthcare settings

The TC21-HC/TC26-HC features chemical resistant healthcare plastics that can withstand regular cleaning with over 30 disinfectants. The housing is designed to minimize crevices where bacteria can hide. A pre-installed plug prevents bacteria from hiding in the USB-C port. Also, the raised audio grills can withstand disinfecting without impacting audio quality.

A secure, enterprise-ready solution, powered by Zebra's Mobility DNA tools

Pre-loaded tools, ready to use right out of the box, make it easy to get the TC21-HC/TC26-HC up and running, capture and send data to applications, keep devices secure and much more. Beyond the complimentary Mobility DNA Professional tool set, customers can unlock a powerful suite of optional tools with the Mobility DNA Enterprise License for a small fee.

Superior voice quality and functionality

VoLTE delivers superior voice quality over cellular networks, while Zebra's advanced VoWiFi technology, included with the Mobility DNA Enterprise License, delivers superior voice quality over WiFi networks.

Healthcare alert button for rapid response

The TC21-HC/TC26-HC features a healthcare alert button. In the event of an emergency, staff can call for help with a split-second press of this programmable key.

Removable batteries provide round-the-clock power, eliminating mid-shift interruptions

With a removable battery, workers always have the power they need to keep working without interruption. They never need to take their TC21-HC/TC26-HC device out of service for charging. Just swap in a fully charged PowerPrecision battery at the start of every shift for up to 10 hours of power.

Provide peace of mind with LifeGuard,™ a lifetime security guard for Android™

LifeGuard for Android provides the security patches and updates customers need to keep the TC21-HC/TC26-HC secure every day they are in service—up to six years. This is included with the product warranty and with all Zebra OneCare SV Support Service agreements.



Market Opportunity

The TC21-HC and TC26-HC are value-priced, durable mobile computers built for healthcare. These devices allow Zebra to compete more effectively against low-cost healthcare mobile devices that compete on price.

TC21-HC/TC26-HC Primary Markets:

  • Non-clinical Healthcare Workers

Primary Applications:

  • Environmental health services
  • Patient transport
  • Food services
  • Facilities management
  • Materials management
  • Engineering and security 

Primary Users:

  • Non-clinical healthcare workers
  • Porters
  • Cleaners
  • Staff
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Security
  • Facilities

Lead with the TC21-HC/TC26-HC…

Lead with the TC21-HC/TC26-HC…

Lead with the TC21-HC/TC26-HC Mobile Computers when your healthcare customers:

  • Have groups of workers who need handheld devices, but not all the capabilities of the TC52-HC or premium Zebra mobile computers. Built for healthcare, our TC21-HC/TC26-HC mobile computers complement our TC52-HC devices by offering a lower-priced solution for expanded use cases and new workers who may not have a device today.
  • Are budget conscious and do not want to pay for features they do not need. With support for Mobility DNA, the TC21-HC/TC26-HC offers unparalleled value. With Mobility DNA Professional, these powerful, complimentary tools are pre-loaded and ready-to-use, including LifeGuard™ for Android™ Mobility Extension (Mx), StageNow, DataWedge and Device Diagnostics, making it easy for customers to get their devices up and running and keep their devices secure. Plus, Mobility DNA Enterprise License offers Full Fusion, Enterprise Keyboard, PowerPrecision Console, Device Tracker and more.
  • May have been considering purchasing low-cost mobile phones for certain groups of workers. The affordable and ergonomic TC21-HC/TC26-HC mobile computers offer the right balance of features while providing quality and durability. Unlike consumer devices and many competitor offerings, our TC21-HC/TC26-HC mobile computers are designed with healthcare grade materials that allow disinfecting with over 30 cleansers that are used by hospitals today.

Specs at a Glance



TC21-HC and TC26-HC Mobile Computers Services Opportunities

Constant peak performance and device uptime. That's the upside of protecting your customer's investment with Zebra OneCare™ SV. Differentiate your company by augmenting and complementing your own service and support by ensuring every TC21-HC/TC26-HC sale is accompanied by Zebra service.

With Zebra OneCare SV for TC21-HC/TC26-HC, you can help ensure the Zebra touch computer is online and ready for business, keeping critical business processes and operations performing at peak levels while also reducing device vulnerabilities, eliminating unexpected disruptions and unbudgeted repair expenses. Zebra OneCare SV for TC21-HC/TC26-HC follows Zebra's Value Tier Service strategy which provides the following non-comprehensive extended coverage for 2 or 3 years:

Support Services

  • Priority access 8x5 local time live-agent technical support and 24x7 access to Zebra's online Support Center.
  • Access to software/firmware updates and upgrades including LifeGuard™ security updates.
  • Automatic application of engineering changes during depot repair.
  • Device Diagnostic Tool provides accurate real time device status information to help with telephone triage with Zebra's Support Center.
  • Configurable, cloud-based visibility into contracts, tech support cases, LifeGuard Analytics report and repair data including repair lifecycle, on time delivery, repair return rate, repair repeat and top repair metrics with VisibilityIQ™ OneCare™

Repair Services

  • Normal wear and tear and device failure coverage keeps your customer's device up and running in peak condition.
  • 5-day depot turnaround repair time with free return ground shipping for repaired devices.

Accidental Damage Coverage

  • Accidental damage coverage together, in one SKU protects up to 10% or 20% of our TC21-HC and TC26-HC devices against accidental damage upfront at a preferred price. This coordinated part number eliminates the challenges of multiple POs or paying for each damage repair separately—offering true enterprise level support for Zebra value tier devices. 

Technical Support

How-to-videos, Manuals and Drivers

How-to-videos, Manuals and Drivers

TC21-HC Support

TC26-HC Support



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