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Keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently is your top priority. You rely on printers and tools that are dependable, durable, easy to use and don’t require much space. Zebra’s desktop printers are compact, simple to operate, reliable and cost effective. And, they leverage our long history of innovation and industry-leading capabilities.   Ideal for a wide variety of mid-volume industrial, commercial and healthcare applications, Zebra offers both direct thermal and thermal transfer printer models. And, with Zebra’s extensive custom development capabilities, you can find the right desktop printer to meet all your application needs. 

Desktop Printer Product Matrix

Advanced Desktop Printers


GK420-HC™ Healthcare

Available in both direct thermal and thermal transfer models, GK420 Healthcare printers can accommodate a broad range of applications in a healthcare setting.

Advanced connectivity options include standard Serial/USB/Parallel communication and optional USB/Ethernet models, so these printers can be easily integrated into existing local or networked systems.

And, native ZPL® and EPL™ programming languages ensure GK420 Healthcare printers fit in perfectly with other Zebra printers.

Building on the GK420’s proven reputation for reliable printing in space-constrained environments, the 4-inch GK420 Healthcare printers deliver advancements in healthcare-specific construction and electrical certifications. Featuring a medical-grade power supply and constructed with durable, disinfectant-ready materials in the desired healthcare color palette, these printers can withstand regular cleaning with harsh chemicals over their lifetime to perform anywhere in the healthcare environment.

Designed with a medical-grade power supply certified to IEC 60601-1 standards, GK420 Healthcare printers protect patient and staff safety by reducing the risk of electrical shock. And, these printers can produce labels that meet the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute® (CLSI) harmonization standard.


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Cartridge-Based Wristband Printer




The HC100™ makes it exceptionally easy to print individual wristbands on demand. Drop in the wristband cartridge and start printing high-quality wristbands for positive patient identification or hospitality applications. The HC100 is engineered to be easily wiped down with hospital disinfectants. Zebra offers a complete range of wristband styles, sizes and colors for healthcare, amusement, water-park and entertainment applications. 

Wristband Printer Data Sheet

Patient I.D Solution Data Sheet



Compact Desktop Printer




If you need fast, dependable printing in the most space constrained areas, you need the ZD410. This ultra-compact “fits anywhere” printer is designed for the smallest of work spaces. When it comes to flexibility, the ZD410 shines — this printer creates high-quality labels, receipts, tags and wristbands. This super-fast printer keeps your workers productive. Deployment is a breeze — the ZD410 is loaded with connectivity options. The ZD410 is easy to use, operate and troubleshoot, ensuring your printer is always up and running. And Zebra OneCare service maximizes the availability and productivity of your ZD410 printers with unmatched from-the-manufacturer support that covers everything — from worn out printheads to normal wear and tear. The ZD410 — the little printer designed with big business functionality.


The ZD410 Healthcare model

The ZD410 Healthcare model offers all of the features of the standard model plus disinfectant ready plastics and an IEC 60601-1 compliant power supply. Designed for hospital, clinic, laboratory and pharmacy applications, the direct thermal ZD410 helps to protect privacy by leaving no record on a ribbon of what has been printed. The optional 300 dpi print resolution is ideal for printing small labels, for such use like specimen containers and prescription bottles.  

Performance Desktop Printers

G-Series™ GX™ and ZD500


Zebra’s G-Series™ GX™ and ZD500™ printers pair the fastest print speeds with the most complete feature set of our desktop printer lineup.  Innovative label, receipt and tag-handling capabilities enable the flexibility you need.  Offering top print quality and a variety of connectivity options, the GX420™, GX430™ and ZD500 printers support the widest range of applications and can be integrated into almost any environment so that you can improve efficiency and profitability, save time and reduce operator training. 

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Value Desktop Printers



Zebra’s G-Series™ GC420™ printers offer professional printing for any budget. These affordable, easy-to-use printers are ideal for a variety of basic labeling applications. Although value priced, these printers are still engineered for reliability and longevity. Like all G-Series printers, the GC420 has a dual-wall framed construction and all-metal printhead to reduce replacement parts and decrease printer downtime.

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Ideal Desktop Printing Solution for Cost Conscious Customers

The entry-level ZD200 desktop printer builds on Zebra's 50-year history and market-leading position in thermal printers. Zebra is renowned for producing high-quality printers and the Zebra 200 Series is no exception, bringing solid construction—and simplicity—to the cost conscious segment of the market.

The ZD200 Series Desktop Printer is designed for customers who will benefit from a lower price point and a modest feature set requiring minimal training—and who nevertheless appreciate the benefits of Zebra quality. These 4-inch printers boast solid construction, a great out-of-the-box experience, easy operation and the basic features today's customers need to keep workflows moving. Available in direct thermal or thermal transfer models, these printers will continue to deliver a cost-effective and dependable print experience for years to come.

Representing an ideal opportunity for partners, the Zebra ZD200 Series desktop printer is optimized for run-rate business, driving efficient cash utilization for customers, as well as volume deals where customers need a good enough product. The ZD200 Series is one of the most well-built, easy-to-maintain, and simple-to-use printers in its class. Simplicity makes it easy to sell, too!

The primary markets for the ZD200 Series are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Retail e-Commerce

Secondary markets for the ZD200 Series are:

  • Healthcare

Applications of the ZD200 Series are:

  • Manufacturing: product labeling, asset management, inventory management, work-in-process tracking
  • Transportation and logistics: shipping labels, cross docking
  • Retail e-Commerce: shipping labels
  • Healthcare: patient identification
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