Zebra offers wristbands to meet the needs of the healthcare and hospitality markets.

With Zebra's wide range of direct-print, bar-coded, durable laser and thermal printable wristband solutions, hospitals can ensure adult, pediatric and infant patients are accurately identified throughout their hospital stay. Zebra's wristband print solutions enable immediate access to critical patient information at the bedside and across all hospital departments.

Amusement parks, resorts and family entertainment centers can enable cashless point of sale and access management while enhancing the guest experience. Using Zebra's thermal print-on-demand barcoded amusement park and attraction wristbands, customers can reduce ticket fraud and improve transaction speeds.

Laser Printable Wristbands


Zebra's self-laminating LaserBand wristbands feature the ability to print wristbands and labels on one sheet. Other features include:

  • Patented self-laminating seal protects the wristband from moisture and hand-sanitizers, preserving patient data for longer wristband usability
  • Ability to simultaneously print patient chart labels and the wristband on one sheet, streamlining patient admissions
  • Available with hole-punches for securement into patient charts
  • Enables quick deployment of a bar-coded wristband solution without the need for a separate printer for wristbands

Zebra’s Z-Band and LaserBand wristbands are configured to work with Meditech software.
Click Here to View Meditech Wristband Formats.

LaserBand2® Advanced
Zebra's self-laminating LaserBand2 Advanced direct print laser wristbands feature an advanced shape and design that makes assembly easy and allows the wristband to lie flat on the wrist to enable quick scanning, while providing superior patient comfort.

LaserBand2® Dura
Zebra's self-laminating LaserBand2 Dura direct print laser wristbands feature a classic design that delivers improved comfort and ease of assembly over LaserBand Original.

LaserBand® Original
Zebra's self-laminating LaserBand Original direct print laser wristbands features a classic design.

LaserBand2® ST
The non-laminating LaserBand ST direct print laser wristband is perfect for identifying patients during procedures in ambulatory surgery centers and outpatient clinics.

LaserBand 2
Zebra's self-laminating LaserBand 2 laser wristbands feature an enhanced design over traditional laser wristbands that allow the wristbands to lie flat on the wrist to enable quick scanning, while providing superior patient comfort.

LaserBand Patient Chart Labels
Zebra's LaserBand paper laser labels feature an adhesive-free zone around the form and edges to prevent printer jams, reducing costly printer maintenance. LaserBand labels are available in multiple formats to integrate into any healthcare environment, including multiple sizes, colors and with and without hole punches.

Thermal Printable Wristbands

Zebra's thermal printers and direct-print Z-Band wristband solutions are easy-to-use, fit a wide variety of environments and require minimal IT support.

  • Wristband can be immediately secured to the patient or patron as there is no assembly required.
  • The small foot-print of Zebra's thermal desktop printers allows them to fit into crowded nurses’ stations, WOW's (workstations-on-wheels) and attraction ticket booths and counters.
  • Zebra's ZD510-HC Patient ID solution is easy to use. Simply pop the wristband cartridge into the printer and you are ready to print - the printer automatically calibrates for wristband size and optimal print quality.
  • The reliable nature of thermal printers ensures maximum up-time and minimal IT service calls.

Healthcare Z-Band Wristbands

Z-Band Ultrasoft
Ultra-soft, flexible direct thermal synthetic wristband with adhesive closure offering excellent resistance to most hand sanitizers. Adult, pediatric and infant sizes available in white. Scannable up to 14 days. Latex-free. MR-Safe. Works with HC100 Wristband printer.

Z-Band Direct
Classic direct thermal polypropylene wristband with adhesive closure. Available in adult, pediatric and infant sizes and 7 colors. Scannable up to 14 days. Latex-free. MR-Safe. Works with most Zebra printers.

Z-Band Direct Soft Infant
Features a soft nylon material perfect for delicate skin and an adjustable design that fits the smallest patients with a flat print surface area to ensure ease of scanning.

Z-Band Quickclip
Classic direct thermal polypropylene wristband with clip-closure. Available in adult and infant sizes. 6 color clip options. Scannable up to 14 days. Latex-free. MR-Safe. Works with most Zebra printers.

Z-Band Fusion
Zebra's self-laminating Z-Band Fusion direct thermal polypropylene adhesive closure wristband is perfect for use at specialized hospitals where the average patient stay exceeds 14 days. The self-laminating design protects the printed text and barcodes. The advanced shape and design make assembly easy and allow the wristband to lie flat on the wrist to enable quick scanning, while providing superior patient comfort.

Z-Band 4000
Thermal transfer white wristband with adhesive closure. Available in adult size. Works with most Zebra thermal transfer printers. 

Hospitality Z-Band Wristbands

Z-Band Fun
One day, direct thermal polypropylene wristband with adhesive closure. Available in 7 colors. Perfect for attractions with minimal water exposure such as carnivals, amusement parks, festivals, zoos, concerts and night clubs. Works with most Zebra printers.

Z-Band Splash
Multi-day, direct thermal polypropylene wristband with water-resistant adhesive closure for excessive water exposure. Available in 7 colors. Perfect for water parks, resorts and cruise lines. Works with most Zebra printers.

Companion and Other Wristband Products

When used in conjunction with Zebra's laser and thermal wristbands, Zebra's soft infant wristband companion products and alert labels improve comfort and provide caregivers with quick access to key patient conditions. STATBand wristband enables responders to quickly and accurately identify, record and track people and their personal items at the scene of an emergency. OmniBand wristbands enable healthcare providers who currently printing barcode labels to quickly deploy barcoded wristbands.

Wristband Accessories

Vinyl Infant Wristband 
These soft, flexible vinyl wristbands with clip-closure are for use with LaserBand 2 Advanced infant ID tags. The narrow width allows some models of "Abduction Prevention Systems" to be attached. Latex-free.

Alert Labels and Wristbands 
Enable quick identification of special patient conditions with color-coded wristbands and labels from Zebra. Our solutions enable compliance with state, regional and local color-coding standards for patient conditions such as allergy, DNR, fall risk, latex allergy and restricted limb.

Wristbanding infants is a sensitive issue. While hospitals go to great lengths to properly identify infants, staff members are also concerned with the comfort of the wristbands.

Our ComfyCuff® line includes:

  • A soft, foam cuff that features an adjustable Velcro® closure
  • A SwaddleBand, which creates an extension between the ComfyCuff and a Zebra wristband
  • A security label designed to stick to the ComfyCuff material and self-destruct in the event of wristband tampering

Other Wristbands


Healthcare providers currently printing barcode labels can quickly implement barcode wristbands by placing a barcode label into Zebra's self-laminating OmniBand wristband. They accept labels up to 3.25" x 1" in size and are available in both adult and pediatric versions. Features include:

  • A self-laminating design that protects printed text and barcodes
  • A tamper-evident, adhesive closure
  • A wristband extender to accommodate a wide range of wrist sizes
  • Latex-free 


Enable responders to quickly and accurately identify, record and track people and their personal items at the scene of an emergency with a customizable STATBand. Zebra's durable moisture and abrasion resistant identification tags feature a patented fastening system for quick securement. They are also compatible with emergency response and disaster management software for easy implementation.

RFID Wristbands and Bracelets

Solutions for Access Control, to Cashless Payments and Patient Identification
Zebra offers custom UHF thermal printable and HF non-printable RFID wristbands in adhesive and clip closure and featuring SMARTRAC inlays.

Direct Thermal UHF RFID Wristbands
Zebra's custom 1-day wristbands for hospitality and 7-14 day wristbands for healthcare are available with adhesive or clip closure. They can be custom printed with your customer’s logo or design.