Card Supplies


Zebra’s PVC and Composite PVC Cards Are Guaranteed ISO-Compliant and Provide:

  • High-performance image sharpness for rich colors and crisp barcodes 
  • Reduced card printer wear and tear for lower maintenance costs
  • Enhanced security features, such as embedded holograms and custom designs
  • Smart-card options including contact and contactless smart cards or magnetic striped cards

Premier PVC 
When you choose Premier PVC cards, you get durable PVC plastic cards with a long lifespan. Choose from a variety of customizable card options to meet your needs.

Premier Plus PVC Composite 
Premier Plus PVC plastic cards are made of a high-durability composite polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a polyester core, providing superior durability for high security, laminated cards.

UHF Gen 2 RFID Cards 
Containing a patented antenna design and Monza® 4QT chip, this passive RFID smart card offers advanced sensitivity for enhanced read rates and range, plus full read/write capabilities.

Security Featured Cards 
PVC and Composite PVC cards with customized security features to meet your exact needs are available by special order. Contact BlueStar for more details.

Card Laminates & Overlays

The Zebra Wasteless Advantage
In addition to extended card life and durability, customers receive several benefits when they purchase Zebra laminates. Zebra’s patented wasteless laminate design features linerless media with a single core and no carrier—eliminating more than 50 percent of waste over competitor laminates. In addition, Zebra’s wasteless laminates offer simple loading/reloading operations and a larger roll capacity, saving customers money and time. With savings of more than 30 percent over the competition, our laminates provide the lowest cost-per-card in the industry. Other benefits include:

  • Prevention of card counterfeiting, alteration and duplication
  • Protection against fading, dye-migration and normal wear from handling and swiping
  • Customized laminates available embedded with overt, covert and forensic features

Security Laminates (Overt - Level 1 Security) 
Strengthen security with innovative card laminates that provide overt security features that are visible to the human eye.

Security Laminates (Covert - Level 2 Security) 
Companies that rely on tight security depend on these card laminates, which provide security features that require a device to read the micro or hidden text.

Clear Laminate 
Zebra’s clear 1.0 mil card laminates are carrier based and linerless, ensuring the images, text and barcodes printed are protected from frequent card usage.

Stock Holographic Laminate 
Zebra’s holographic stock laminates come in five different designs: World Globe, Lock, Eagle, Safe and Safe 2 and offer overt, covert and forensic security features.

Custom Holographic Laminate 
Zebra’s holographic laminates can be customized with your designs and offer overt, covert and forensic security features.

Card Printer Ribbons & Cartridges

Three Main Benefits

Zebra True Colors card printer ribbons produce high-quality IDs and extend the life of your printers and cards:

  • Vibrant colors, "true-to-life" flesh tones, and sharp barcodes and text
  • Patented print ribbon technology for minimal printhead buildup and durable cards
  • Advanced RFID intelligent technology for automated ribbon detection, driver configuration and more

Monochrome Ribbons 
Zebra True Colours I Series and C Series monochrome ribbons use thermal printer ribbon technology to deliver the most vibrant barcodes and text. For use in all Zebra card printers.

Multi Panel Card Printer Ribbons 
Optimize color card printer performance with a multi-panel thermal transfer ribbon offering the latest in dye-sublimation technology, resulting in crisp, long-lasting results.

ZXP Series 3 Load-N-Go Ribbons 
The ZXP 3 Load-N-Go cartridges makes it easy to load and replace the ribbon.  They use intelligent media technology for automatic ribbon detection and optimized imaging.  ZXP Series 3 ribbons come in standard and high-capacity, as well as both multi-panel and monochrome options.

ZXP Series 1 Load-N-Go Ribbons 
The easy-to-use ZXP 1 ribbon Load-N-Go ribbon cartridges use intelligent media technology for automatic ribbon detection, optimized imaging, and a low ribbon warning.

Card Printer Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning optimizes your customer’s card printer
Zebra printer cleaning cartridges, rollers, cards and swabs extend the life of card printers and improve overall image quality. Regular use of these printer cleaning supplies will:

  • Help maintain card printer performance and reliability
  • Prolong the life of vital printheads, transport rollers and magnetic encoder parts
  • Give your customer improved quality on all of their printed cards

Cleaning Cartridges 
Zebra's printer cleaning cartridges maintain optimal performance of your customer’s card printer, extend its life, and ensure clear, sharp images

Cleaning Rollers 
Improve printer performance with replacement printer cleaning rollers, which pick up debris from blank cards prior to printing, producing clear images, text, and graphics. 

Cleaning Cards 
Extend printer life and maintain performance with printer cleaning cards for cleaning important parts, such as printheads, transport rollers, and the magnetic encoder station.

Cleaning Swabs 
Printer cleaning swabs are the safest way to clean visible deposits from the printhead. Pair Zebra's cleaning swabs with other cleaning card supplies for optimal performance.

Quickcard Professional Photo ID Software Kit

This photo ID system includes card design software, camera and supplies. This affordable kit is ideal for organizations of any size and includes:

  • The Zebra CardStudio™ (professional edition) card design software
  • A high-resolution photo ID digital camera, stand and portable backdrop
  • A 700-card supply kit


Card Studio Software - Professional Edition 
Quickly and easily set up a photo ID system. The Professional Edition offers additional security features, advanced database management, and Gen 2 UHF RFID card creation.

USB High-Resolution Digital Photo ID Camera 
Setting up a photo ID system is simple with Zebra's high-res photo ID camera. Create custom photo cards, smart cards and more with a camera designed for precision and accuracy.

Portable Backdrop Stand 
Take vivid photographs for photo IDs with a portable backdrop stand. The wrinkle-resistant white or light blue background can be adjusted to the right height.

Genuine Zebra Card Supplies Starter Kit 
Quickly and affordably set up a professional photo ID system with everything you need to make plastic smart cards, security access cards, magnetic stripe cards and more.