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The New Rules of Impactful Customer Engagement

As the first of its kind to offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Smart technology, Zebra's MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing allows businesses to provide their customers and guests with the ultimate personalized experience.  Based on real-time location within a facility, MPact makes it easy to provide a personal greeting, special offers, step-by-step directions, prompt customer service and more, automatically delivered where it will have the most impact—on customer and guest smart devices.  With MPact, businesses can determine where customers and guests are located in their facility, define the action they want to take based on that location, and automatically execute those interactions all on customers/guests' personal smart devices at the lowest total cost of ownership.



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Comprehensive Suite of Components

Bluetooth® Smart Beacons
The MPact solution offers a family of configurable beacons that support a variety of modes. SecureCast™ protects user privacy and ensures beacon security by encrypting beacon data with AES 128, an industry-standard key-based encryption algorithm.

Software Development Kit
The MPact Software Development Kit (SDK) enables easy integration of loyalty app features into iOS and Android smart phones.

Location and Analytics Software
The software is at the heart of the MPact solution, offering an HTML5 highly graphical user interface that turns complex, rich location information into relevant real-time actionable information taking customer engagement to a new level of personalization. Data can be pulled or pushed at any time based on definable triggers. Beacons can be grouped into categories and subcategories for richer control over visitor metrics. And with REST APIs MPact information can be combined with data in other backend business systems to maximize the value of MPact data.

MPact Installation Toolbox
This simple-to-use highly graphic mobile application makes deployment of MPact beacons (Bluetooth Smart tags in MPact hybrid mode) fast and easy. Just install the application on an iPad®, identify the locations where you want to install MPact Beacons on an electronic map in the application and scan the beacons as they are placed—no technical expertise is required.

WiNG 5 Access Points
Our comprehensive portfolio of access points provides high performance secure wireless networking plus locationing—presence, zone and position.

The MPact Advantage

MPact provides three tiers of locationing for customer engagement – presence, zone, and position. With this advanced locationing capability, you will know who is in the facility, where they are, how long they are in certain areas, and what type of products or services they're shopping for to provide a personalized journey that elevates the experience.

MPact has class-leading reliability no matter what the network environment. Whether it's Wi-Fi locationing, with Zebra Technologies' scalable Wi-Fi portfolio powered by the WiNG 5 network, or it's the micro-locationing enabled by Bluetooth® Smart technology beacons, you get extremely accurate locationing capability.

Cost Effective
With a unified platform that delivers both Wi-Fi locationing and Bluetooth® Smart based microlocationing to engage customers at the right time and the right place, MPact delivers a cost effective solution.



Channel Opportunity

With MPact, businesses can:

  • Determine where customers/guests are located in their facility
  • Define the action they want to take based on that location
  • Automatically execute those interactions all on customers/guests' personal smart devices at the lowest total cost of ownership

Market Opportunity
The primary markets for MPact are retail and hospitality.

Primary Users
The primary users of MPact are marketing managers and staff at retail and hospitality organizations.

Retail Applications:

  • Greet shoppers by name in the parking lot or front door
  • Deliver highly relevant coupons based on past buying history, shopper location and dwell times
  • Provide step-by-step directions to a specific item (wayfinding)
  • Provide personal assistance faster than ever
  • Let customers create personal shopping lists
  • Improve the in-store experience and success of promotions with valuable analytics
  • And more!

Hotel Applications

  • Greet guests as they arrive
  • Provide faster and easier check-ins via guests' smartphones
  • Deliver special offers based on past guest preferences and location
  • Provide step-by-step directions
  • Automatically customize each guest room environment
  • Provide faster responses to guest requests 
  • Improve service for event attendees and hosts 
  • And more! 

QSR (Quick-Serve Restaurant) Applications

  • Greet customers by name
  • Provide wait-less and line-less ordering and payment from customers smartphones—and deliver orders right to the customer's table or car 
  • Deliver special offers based on customers' past orders
  • Ask for customer feedback 
  • And more!

Lead with MPact when your customers:

  • Require the ability to impact consumer spending behavior and deliver a personalized customer/guest experience. 
  • Need detailed real-time and historical analytics around visits, traffic patterns, dwell times, buying behavior, location comparisons, promotion performance, and more. 
  • Want to communicate the right offer at the right time, creating a positive impact on customers and business.
  • Want a comprehensive end-to-end indoor locationing solution.




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