ODV-2D Inline Barcode Verifier by Printronix

Protect against bad barcodes causing compliance fines and production down time

The ODV-2D is the industry’s first affordable, fully integrated solution with the ability to print, verify, and validate 1D and 2D barcodes. The ODV-2D installs on either the T8000 or T6000e printers. It is the first system that grades barcodes to ISO 15415,15416 and 15426 standards and stores a detailed report of each transaction. Our exclusive technology reads each barcode, identifies a rejected barcode, and reprints a replacement label without operator intervention. The ODV-2D pays for itself by eliminating costly charge backs and fines for non-conforming labels. Advanced features allow it to integrate easily and quickly into existing applications.

Printronix ODV-2D offers

  • 1D and 2D barcode validation and verification  integrated with the printer.
  • Label GPS finds, reads, and grades every supported barcode without the necessity of defining where the barcodes are on the label.
  • The grading report and image for every label with up to 50  barcodes  can be sent to the host print application for batch reconciliation. YA new level of value for validation and verification of 1D and 2D barcodes.  

These printers are used by

  • Regulated industries (Medical / Pharmaceuticals)
  • Retail Supply Chain
  • Automotive Supply Chain
  • Any application subject to compliance labeling where risk of fines for unreadable labels exists. 

ODV-2D Inline Barcode Verifier Label Printers are available in two models

The T8000 enterprise-level industrial class printer is designed for the most demanding applications.  Available in both 203 and 300 dpi resolutions.

Popular SKU’s include

  • T82X4-1100-2 T8000 203 dpi with ODV-2D
  • T83X4-1100-2 T8000 300 dpi with ODV-2D

The T6000e series printers enables a new level of value and affordability for inline barcode verification.  The T6000e barcode label printer with ODV-2D barcode verification technology can also be used in conjunction with the integrated RFID option, enabling customers to not only encode and verify their RFID labels, but also guarantee the grade of the barcodes printed on them.   Available in 203, 300 and 600 dpi resolutions.

Popular SKU’s include

  • T6E2X4-1100-20 T6000e 203 dpi with ODV-2D
  • T6E3X4-1100-20 T6000e 300 dpi with ODV-2D

Set yourself apart, become a Premier Certified ODV Partner: [ Link to contacting Jason Lewis for more information.]